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Woman injured after being struck by vehicle on 23rd Street

If she was not in the crosswalk, she was at fault. I saw a young woman and her child standing in the center turn lane trying to cross at 4:30pm just the other day. How hard is it to walk 50 ft to the cross walk at 23rd and Alabama?

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Two injured in accident on K-10 near eastern edge of Lawrence

Speed would be okay, except everyone is still going 75-80mph when they are passing in front of this area. Nobody pays attention to the drop in speed.

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Grocery stores compete for customer loyalty with gas discounts

Combine these programs with using coupons and you have some real savings. Don't be stupid, there are tons of ways to save money if you take the time to do it.

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Lawrence mother gets 3 years of probation for manslaughter in death of her 5-year-old

Worthless system. Another fine example of why there is such tragedies in this world. This is just ridiculous.

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Lawrence man arrested on charges of driving drunk with infant in vehicle

Struck a utility pole while under the influence AND had his 8 month old child with him? Why the hell was his bond so low? This is what's wrong with society, allow people like this to walk free after doing something so stupid and irresponsible.

He should have been held on a higher bond for such stupidity.

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Traffic at 23rd and Lousiana streets redirected after truck crashes into utility pole

First Management trucks are driven by careless workers who don't care about their actions because it's a company truck.

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KU football player gets DUI diversion

College Football players drinking and driving must be the new IN thing to do.

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Lawrence police searching for man with shotgun

"drew a shotgun from a black bag and pointed it at the other man."

Why do you need to point a shotgun at a man to ask for directions?

October 18, 2012 at 6:53 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Sound Off: Could you decode the crosswalks at the Lawrence Arts Center and at 12th and Kentucky? I’m

If you have ever driven in Lawrence at night, Flashing Yellow and Red signals are very common. Most of the intersections use this mode after a certain time of night. If you can't understand that a flashing light means to proceed with caution or after you have yield to others, then you should not be driving a car. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. This isn't rocket science, it's freaking common sense.

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Kansas urging caution with fireworks amid drought

Fireworks galore near K-10 and Wakarusa. Not a cop in sight.

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