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Kansas lawmakers asked to repeal corporate farm laws

And now they want to ensure plenty of low wage undocumented labor will be available to staff the corporate hog farms. Is this what the majority of Kansans have been asking of the state government?


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KU, Brownback joining to hold conference on slavery, human trafficking

Brownback better make sure that his cronies have sufficiently changed the definition of "slavery" enough to offset any criticism that might arise from their efforts to legalize illegal labor:

"Details are expected to emerge this week about a bill establishing the outline of a state-managed worker program, in cooperation with the federal government, linking sponsor companies with illegal immigrants who have been in Kansas a minimum of five years."

"Mike Beam, senior vice president of the Kansas Livestock Association, said the objective was to secure a reliable, regulated labor pool to the state's businesses. Despite the recession, there are counties in rural Kansas with unemployment rates half the state average."


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Kansas lawmakers asked to repeal corporate farm laws

Correct: Three hundred of the Fortune 500 mega corporations like GE...who has only a handful over 1000 total actual Americans working for it, (and paid zero taxes in 2011) are incorporated under Delaware incorporation laws, and fully half of all publicly traded companies as well.

Delaware has extremely lenient corporate policy. This is still as true today as it was when these companies were founded. So in other words....teeny tiny Delaware, with its super friendly incorporation laws dictates policy that bears consequences upon how 300+ million American citizens lives are affected by their actions. Again....


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Statehouse Live: State agriculture secretary calls for repeal of laws restricting corporate farms

We the People can do something about this...and had better sooner rather than later!


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Kansas lawmakers asked to repeal corporate farm laws

You know WHY it is "discriminatory" according to constitutional law? Because the way the constitution has been interpreted by the Supreme Court for the last 127 years....by and large by judges who were former corporate attorneys, corporations are people! No no...not just "assemblies of humans" or anything like that, but actual people. A corporation can "move in" and have zero actual people physically attached to it...which is why most corporations "live" in Delaware.

This is why is it important to act now to support efforts to repeal corporate personhood by amending the United States Constitution so that corporate shill justices like Derek Schmidt can't conveniently interpret corporations having a "right" to move in and pollute our state with massive confined feeding agricultural operations. When people pass laws limiting operations like this and the corporations who own them use the judges and the United States Bill of Rights to run roughshod over those citizen enacted laws...that NOT democracy folks!


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