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I've silenced Kris Kobach on the issue of voter fraud

If he's elected it would be a hurricane following an 8.7 earthquake; two disasters back to back. And nice kitten analogy consider the TheRealityStarInCheef's misogynistic actions trying to grasp said feline.
And yes, as he keeps regurgitating over and over and over ad nauseum and is sitting in the office inaccordance to the Constitution.
And, yes his actions were history...but so was the election and other things he can't let go. If he's governor this state's freefall will continue. He didn't "outFox" his opponent lost and ran a bad campaign.
My advice to conservatives; realize the mistake, back away from theKoolAid and realize your mistake #BAD

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Lawrence lines up for tickets to see President Obama

Oh please master, may I have another bowl of 1% soup?

So, since you are good at regurgiation and your previous statement has followed fox lines of lots of rhetoric and little facts or info. You want to cut off my disability payments after I served in the military and fought for your right to say these things?

Just curious, what is your plan. I asked this question of the right side and the best abswers I got were umm...uhhh, namely when asking Romney's medical plan. There is more hot air running through GOP the reinflate all of those Patriots footballs

Oh..you are welcome

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

So, millionaire=1%? If so, I have a couple of them in my family. I'm sure they'll be exstatic to know? And unlike the right, he earned his from his presidential salary and book sales (both legitimate) and *gasp* may have even saved some. The 1%ers are the Darth Vader of the business world who are high on the hill, decide they want something, call Fox News or Mitt Romney or Rush (he wants his payoff in unprescribed Vicodin) etc

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

Brownback makes own Kool-Aid from a recipe stolen Faux News. He is worse thing for Kansas since tornado that dropped the house on the witch. The Republicans, Te-Publicans, Fox News worshipping hypocrites need to step out of the way and go count all your money, then picking and choose which amendents/policies/Bible verses they want to thump the loudest. Oh, and don't worry, Hillary will make sure you'are nice cozy when you backsides are beaten down and Bush, Cheney et al warmongerers that they are will get whats coming to them

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Lawrence man suggests 'crowdfunding' to fill Kansas budget gap

The Republican's may have won a lot last week but apparently lost their sense of humor.

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EMU Theatre Horrorshow VI -- 10/19/12 at Arts

Please note that the start time for the show is 7:30 instead of 8pm as listed

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