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Brownback begins campaign bus tour

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August 11, 2010 at 8:53 a.m. ( )

Phelps-Roper sues Nebraska prosecutors for violation of constitutional rights

The Phelps should be sued just for waking up in the morning

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Brownback defends stance on Medicaid

Does anyone really think Sam cares about Kansans? He is a multi-millionaire and has aspirations to be President. Another Bush crony in the Statehouse then the White House....terrifying....is anyone listening?

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Brownback wins Republican nomination for Kansas governor

I met Sam back in the 90's when he did a tour of the V.A. in Topeka and he gave me the creeps also.

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Worth the trip: Red X

Great place to get about anything you want. Worth the drive, especially for the low prices on expensive beer.
Collectibles too numerous to list, they do have just about everything.

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Lawrence man arrested after threatening to hit couple with vehicle

Or maybe they got hold of some K-2

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KU's Chancellor collecting second-largest payout from North Carolina state pension fund

Im on SS and I can make up to 1,000.00 a month

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More employers charge smokers higher rates for health insurance

When is there going to be a tax on sugar? Get rid of sweets and soft drinks in vending machines in hospitals, schools and office buildings or tax the sh*& outta them. Obesity is killing this country and it's children faster than anything

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Internal review clears KU's Perkins of wrongdoing

Did anyone expect it to be a 'fair' investigation? Merely to quiet the public outcry about the ignorance of a person in charge of a major university athletic department. 'Nuff said

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