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Owners of pet business apologize for fire as dog owners grieve; business lacked license; city is checking compliance in other kennels

Such a sad event for so many.
I always despised that place. I drove a friend there once and two ladies were chain smoking as they aggressively groomed dogs in a very small room, cigarettes dangling from their mouths just inches from tethered dogs that winced and squinted away from the smoke. I was always appalled to still see the sign up when I passed, wondering how they didn't lose customers, and and would never have thought they were boarding animals. Terrible.

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In strip-club case, typically closed records were released, GOP tipped off

You know things are bad when Kansans can't even keep track of which race is which.

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Police cite driver suspected in downtown accident with cyclists

It is very much illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. You will get stopped by Lawrence PD and can get ticketed for it. It is very dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists and does not allow visibility for car drivers or cyclists when crossing roads and alleys. If you drive a car, the fact that you don't know this makes you ignorant of the laws you need to follow and extremely dangerous to others on the road.

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Town Talk: Esquina to close in downtown Lawrence, St. Louis-style Italian restaurant to take its place; City Hall to pay company's moving expenses; tougher tow regulations on tap for Lawrence

I stopped going to Esquina because the food went from a complex, flavorful, and well-presented treat served by friendly employees to a bland, sloppy disappointment silently tossed on my table by someone running past, never to be seen again.

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Report says driver of car hit by train legally intoxicated; no one injured

There's far too much traffic on those tracks to risk screwing around on them. If it weren't for that sharp turn forcing trains to slow way down, the outcome could have been much worse than just dealing with court.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider changes to parking lot in 1000 block of Vermont

At one place I worked downtown, most of the staff would move their cars every two hours. I really appreciated the metered lots and avoided driving as much as possible. I rode my bike through South Park, under the redbuds in the morning fog. I rode the bus--and was able to go home and return on it for a 30 minute lunch break. I walked, as well. All were gloriously easy and pleasant, while driving was more likely to be annoying and time-consuming.
Ten-hour metered lots provide parking for downtown employees, while patrons can park there as well; patrons can also park at the street metered spaces and in the two-hour lots. The parking garage is very rarely full, and the side streets always have free parking.
I think we will survive.

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Pickup driver sentenced for hitting bicyclist

14 days is a disgrace, but he also gets to leave every day to go to work? What's the point?

He very easily could have killed Rob and others, and effects of those injuries will remain with Rob for the rest of his life.

The message that has been sent here is a shameful and dangerous one.

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Lawrence residents on both sides of adding gender identity to anti-discrimination policy speak out

Perverted old men with erections in public showers ogling young boys is no more acceptable than it would be with little girls. Doesn't it seem odd that this argument fixates on the malicious intentions of straight, male-identifying, adult men? Seems like all discrimination comes from one's own insecurities and denial.
People viewed as androgynous are attacked and harrassed every day. I have been hit and violently grabbed simply because I had short hair and wear a B-cup bra, and was even told by one attacker that I walked like a man. EVERY time, the men felt justified by their mistake.
I have a civic duty not to harm my fellow citizens, as do they. My genitalia, however, is nobody's business but my own.

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