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Brownback hires $150,000 information technology chief from Florida, but questions arise about qualifications

While I think it is intellectually dishonest to hold an unaccredited degree, is it not possible that Mann might be very skilled as an administrator and IT professional? There are many aspects of this that are unseemly, but I'm not prepared to castigate him based on his lack of an accredited degree.

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Should Lawrence author and baseball executive Bill James be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame?

Yes, indubitably yes. @Number_1_Grandma, your old-age wisdom appears to be teetering into dementia.

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Kansas City Royals week in review: 7/18/2011

Totally agree about Giavotella. Maybe next week you could give us your take on the possibilities of trading Melky / Betemit / (gulp) Francouer.

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Gov. Brownback donates unspent inauguration funds to Kansas Arts Foundation, other nonprofits

Kind of a token gesture. Don't know if I should feel insulted or a modicum of graciousness.

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Although this rarely the case, I agree with cato. This isn't a cursory comment made in an online forum; she should've been more precise in crafting her message and she made a generalization that diminishes her credibility.

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Lawrence students meet 'adequate yearly progress' on standardized tests

Trolling hard today, I see.

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Lawrence students meet 'adequate yearly progress' on standardized tests

Ooooh, someone needs some ointment for that burn.

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According to 247wallst.com, these 10 brands are likely to disappear in 2012. Which one would you miss the most?

Believe it. If only Dov Charney could use a fraction of his misogynistic bravado towards a better business model. He wouldn't have this problem. Too many stores and a general disdain towards regular people ruined AA. They'll still be around, yes, but only in select locations.

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Republicans assail Obama, not each other in debate

Budget resolutions, as I understand them, have historically been a responsibility of the House.



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