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Brownback signs Kansas income tax cut bill into law

I can't wait until he is known as the "former Kansas Gov. Brownback."

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Chancellor's husband has embraced Lawrence, KU

Thank you Shade for becoming so important in my child's life.

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Elementary music teacher Lois Orth-Lopes brings the world to her classroom

Ms. Orth-Lopes is a wonderful teacher and both my boys have been lucky to have her as their music instructor! She is kind, gentle, understanding and challenges the students to reach their potential while participating in her class. Thank you Lois for all you do!

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Heard on the Hill: Student gets Pawlenty to record amusing audio clip; I'm looking for the ‘best professors’ who have left KU; staff, faculty directories are now available

One of the best professor who has moved on?

Mike Yellow Bird, hands down! Not only was/is he a great educator, advocate and student adviser but he continues to be a great mentor and friend. Miss him. KU's loss...another university's gain.

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Woman's ex-boyfriend ordered to stand trial for battery, burglary

Krakatau, good luck on your healing journey. This agency is there to help, give them a call.

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Woman's ex-boyfriend ordered to stand trial for battery, burglary

GaDuGi SafeCenter doesn't offer counseling. The agency offers advocacy and support for vicitms (free & confidential), as well as advocacy during the sexual assault examination, police interview and court appointments. The direct services component helps victims explore options that are available to them throughout the community (ie. therapy, empowerment groups, safety plannig, etc.)

If you want to contact this agency you can call them at 785.843.8985 or at the 24/7 hotline supported by Headquarters Counseling Center 785-841-2345 (Lawrence) or 1-888-899-2345 (Baldwin).

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Woman's ex-boyfriend ordered to stand trial for battery, burglary

Hello Lawrence,

Although it is great that many, many people have donated $$$ to the victim of this crime, I think it is important to remember that there are many woman and children in Douglas county that suffer similar circumstances. This type of crime continues to happen daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in Larryville and the surrounding communities. This type of crime can and does happen to people of all walks of life...cutting across socio-economic levels, causing heartache, physical, mental and spiritual pain to all involved.

GaDuGi SafeCenter helps many women and children throughout the year, providing support not only to the victim, but for family and friends of the victims. This support involves direct services: contact and support at the ER and/or law enforcement center, providing information on counseling/therapy to begin the healing process, support during the legal process and continued support throughout the healing process.

Therefore, I suggest that anyone who is so inclined as to donate money, does so to GaDuGi SafeCenter's direct services so that this agency can continue to provide the much needed services that it provides to our community.

GaDuGi SafeCenter
2518 Ridge Court #202
Lawrence, KS 66046


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