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Kansas Democrats unveil jobs, gambling proposal

I also imagine Mr Davis is one who voted for the smoking ban everywhere except in casino's. It is amazing to me that cigarette smoke is bad for a person if inhaled anywhere except in a casino. I'm one who is highly allergic to cigarette smoke. So likewise can't visit the Dodge City casino. I know some who have and they have said it would be too much for me. Again if a Lib or a RHINO can see a dollar for a pet project they could care less about the average taxpayer. They like to pound their chests and sound all concerned but all you have to do is look at how they vote.

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Kansas Democrats unveil jobs, gambling proposal

Your post is so full of inaccuracies that it isn't worth the time it would take to respond. Please try reading some fair, open minded sources and quit believing the biased reporting from the Liberal media.

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

I hope KU can right the ship soon regardless of what that takes. I know how it feels after going through the Prince fiasco. At least Gill is a good person. Unlike Prince. There is no sure fire way to hire coaches. Look at TT and Tubby. A retread who has lost his team. At least the KU players seem to be making some improvement although I admit I haven't watched since the K-State game. Did listen to some on the radio yesterday. I did pick up on the tone of the KU announcers voice. When anything happened it sounded like their first response was to expect the worst. I've been there when it was very hard to expect anything positive to happen. KU has some young talent. Whether Gill is the person to coach them up is the decision that has to be made. I couldn't believe KU hired him with his record at Buffalo. If NU thought he was any good Terrible Tom would of hired him in some position at NU. Best of luck in the rest of your games and hope the needed changes are made soon.

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No defense for KU coach Turner Gill

I'm an outsider looking it. My only comment is waiting just makes it worse usually. Myself and several others were calling for Prince to go over a year before he was. I was among the group who felt he should never of been hired. K-State is still recovering from that experiment and waiting another year just made it take longer. I can assure you Mangino's team would be more competitive if he was still here. Lew and his behind the back antics in making a case for firing him is the major cause of his last team melting down. Most will probably never know what went on behind the scenes. All I know is what I've read but most if it makes sense if you look back at what was happening. I hope someone makes the needed decision for the good of KU soon. It will also be good for the state of KS and the Big 12.

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

I hope KU can rebound and win a few games. Not only is it good for KU but also the state and the Big 12. I had questions from the start when Big Lew hired Gill and he hired Long. Gill had a losing record. I have a BIL and a close friend who are very strong OU supporters. Both told me after Mangino left and Long was in charge everyone figured out he wasn't a offensive coordinator and that he was encouraged to take another job. He failed as a head coach also. And then him and Gill move what appeared to be by far the best running back to linebacker. Hopefully Gill is smart enough to swallow his pride and admit a mistake and learn from them. I hope the appearance yesterday of Gill being in over his head as a head coach at the D-1 level was only a mirage. Best of luck the rest of the season. Big 12 fan

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Have you seen signs of the economy making a recovery?

The layoffs and cutbacks in the work force are continuing. Partly due to the economy and partly due to Obamacare. With higher taxes on the horizon and more gov't inefficient control, more growth of gov't, we haven't begun to see the worst yet. Hopefully this fall in the elections we can stop this Democrat train before it crashes the whole country.

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State BOE race slips below radar

I have nothing against teaching evolution. But it is just a theory also and yet to be proven. One segment believes in it and not all scientists do. So I feel that the other theories also should be presented till one is proven the only answer. The evolutionists are scared that if the other theories are presented too many youth might see that it isn't fact. As a Christian I don't worry about that as I know the truth. And pary all the evolutionists figure it out before it is too late for them. God Bless to all. JD

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Saturday's KU game will test effort to ban obscene chant

Honestly, I think the refs should just throw penalty flags for 'unsportsmanlike conduct' on the home team until the students knock it off. I agree this is one way. If they penalize the team enough someone will step up and make them stop. I've heard this language more with the young adults applying for jobs. What many don't realize is it keeps them from getting hired and in some cases is the behind the scenes reason they lose their job. An employer has way like laying off and employee, ect if he feels he needs to. And the last thing an employer wants is an employee talking like that around the public and other employees. This apparently innocent chant can have consequences for sometime in their lives. Another option would be to hire some extra security and to escort them out and remove some student priveleges for a year. After a while the others will shape up. Kids look to see how far they can push an issue and if no one set and enforces limits they will keep going.

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Slattery, Roberts duel over issues

I'm a Republican who has had enough of Roberts. I hope this is his last stand and will send a message to all Republicans they are elected to serve everyone they represent and just not the wealthy, the lobbyists and big spenders. He doesn't realize just catering to a few special interests and also big farmers only covers a small percentage of the voters. I hope he gets the message in November. Time for new blood. I'm behind Slattery. Go Jim

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Jayhawks juiced over Orange Bowl bid

Mizzou4ever all you tigers had better get ready for McFadden and quit worrying about KU. You will get to watch real Heisman talent in action. And if MU loses focus they will be blown out. Go Hawks

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