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Should out-of-state veterans on the GI Bill pay the same tuition as in-state students at state schools?

That is completely inaccurate. The only time military members have the option to "choose" a home state is when they get stationed somewhere and can either keep their home of record or claim residency in the new state they are stationed in. You can't change anything when you get out. And you certainly can't "choose" a home state at any time. It's not like I can be from Montana and stationed in Florida and decide I want Kansas to be my "home state" when I get out.

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KU student seeking passage of Kansas bill allowing veterans to pay in-state tuition rate at universities

I am a student veteran myself, and I definitely agree that there are a lot of other very hard working people in this world besides just veterans. It is also true that we signed up, and we knew what we were getting into. However, this law would benefit the state and the university as well, not just veterans. Several states already offer in-state tuition, and there is obviously going to be an enormous influx of veterans with GI Bill benefits leaving service as Iraq and Afghanistan wind down and the military downsizes. This represents a huge opportunity for KU and other state institutions to compete for all of these service members, their guaranteed tuition, and their high motivation to complete a degree. It will also increase KU's "cred" as a vet-friendly school, which will help it get into those magazine lists that people like to consult when choosing a college. If out of state students have the option to go to any number of other states without any out-of-pocket expenses, or Kansas where they will likely have to pay part of their tuition and incur debt, KU is going to be missing out on a LOT of potential students. With declining enrollment, I don't think that's the way they want to go.

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USGS: 5.6 magnitude quake rattles Oklahoma; temblor may be record for state

We felt it too... clock and pictures were shaking, but that was about it.

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Heard on the Hill: Kansas State president's Twitter presence felt in New Orleans; KU graduate Danielle Hanson won contest to design banner; Judge Deanell Tacha shares thoughts on leaving judgeship

I got a "Rock Chalk" yelled at me from across the street while I was wearing a KU shirt in Florence. Yes, Florence, Italy. It's a Jayhawk world.

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