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Activist hopes shutdown will spark 'Occupy Congress' movement

Lol... I'm sure this "Occupy" movement will be just as effective as the last one!

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County commissioners blast concealed-carry law

Your statement has no bearing on this argument whatsoever. In this case, we aren't saying we shouldn't have a rule because people break it anyway. We are saying we should allow people that follow the rules to be able to defend themselves from people that don't.

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County commissioners blast concealed-carry law

I hope someone on the other side actually posts a reasonable counter to this. I hear it all the time and the anti-gun people always just ignore it. It seems like pretty flawless logic.

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City hears pitch for policy limiting use of drones by police department

Oh, they have drones with x-ray vision now? And even if they had them, do you really think the city police would spend 24/7 staring at random citizens' houses?

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City hears pitch for policy limiting use of drones by police department

I am picturing an ultra-liberal's worst nightmare: Lawrence PD drones firing GMO soybeans into a marijuana legalization protest. I can see why they're worried!

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New report finds city's broadband market sub-par

I'm about to move to a city where rent is more than twice what it is here, yet I will be able to get fiber Internet plus cable for less than I am paying Knology for slower Internet alone now. I've looked into AT&T, and it's even worse. There is definitely a competition problem in Lawrence.

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Kansas Department of Agriculture preparing for move to Manhattan

Even the Kansas government doesn't want to live in Topeka.

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KU student arrested in stabbing incident at KU's Oliver Hall

Only assault butter knives.

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Transportation secretary has no specifics on savings if agency takes over turnpike

I think what he meant to say was "Yes, yes it is just an arbitrary number."

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KU student-government leaders planning to lobby state legislators on concealed carry on campus, higher-education funding

The Collegiate Veterans Association will also be lobbying for a bill we had introduced last year that would help out-of-state veterans get the most out of their federal education benefits by giving all veterans in-state residency.

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