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Teacher draws on own life story in special classroom

Keep it up "Sebastian"

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2 people in custody after police chase on Kansas Turnpike

1974 Blue Swede...OOGACHOCKA!

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Man beaten for wallet near 10th and Massachusetts streets

"Nothing good happens after mid-night" Herm EdwardsOne of the few things he got right.

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Senate bill would give prosecutors right to carry guns into court

When will the irrational fear of ccw end? We are still hearing about the “wild west” and “Wyatt Earp”. Is there a time line for these predictions? When will the blood in the streets occur?This type of math is simple, lets give it a shot. 33 licenses have been suspended or revoked. There are 15833 licensees. I will even ignore that some number of the 33 suspended licenses have been reinstated. 33/15833= .2%. That’s it .2% not a scary number.Also of the 33 licensees in question only one was a firearm charge. All stats are on the KS AG site. There is no issue here.On the issue of the prosecutor carrying concealed he/she will be like the rest of us no one will know if he/she is carrying or not hence CONCEALED. It is a non-issue until the weapon is drawn.

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Bill would allow guns in court

compmd (Anonymous) says… "This is a colossally bad idea for innumerable reasons, the first of which is giving lawyers guns. The second reason is that by giving the prosecutor a gun, the courtroom is no longer truly presided over by the judge; the man with the loaded gun who also has the power to use the law to ruin someone's life has all the power in the room."compmd,Not so much. See a judge can carry in his court room as the law is written now.I can see the argument though that the Judge is now equaled in his courtroom by the prosecutor. However if you take in to account the judge seated at the bench has higher ground, cover and concealment there is a clear tactical advantage. (Just a little sarcasm there)

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Bill would allow guns in court

Lynn731 (Anonymous) says… "Getting a permit for concealed carry is fine, but the list of places where you can't carry it is almost as long as where you can. Citizen's got screwed on the concealed carry law. A lot of the places where you may need it, you can't carry it. Plus it is expensive. We should not have to pay to exercise a constitutional right, they don't in Vermont. Thank you, Lynn"Lynn, First the constitution does not specifically give anyone the right to carry a concealed weapon. Althought "bare" could be argued as keeping anyway a citizen chooses.The "list" you are speaking of although still on the books is superseded by this.The requirements for “no concealed carry” signage also changed with thepassage of HB 2528. In order to bring charges of unlawful concealedcarry against a licensee, those properties previously enumerated underK.S.A. 75-7c10 (schools, bars, churches, school & professional athleticevents, churches, etc.) must now be posted. One exception to this is theprovision regarding carrying in or on areas prohibited by Federal law;these areas are under no obligation to post their properties.This was changed to avoid confusion on the part of the permit holder.So, if it's not a federal building, certain national parks or monuments and the building is not posted a ccw licensee is legal to carry. (In Kansas)In addition the building must be posted in accordance with the attorney generals specifications. For instance, the county court house, the old court house and the hospital do not display proper signage. Personally I do not care to be case law there for I respect the intent but I question why the city and the county post invalid signage. Here is the wording from the KS AG.K.A.R. 16-11-7,” dated October 19, 2006, and hereby adopted by reference.(b) The size of the sign shall be eight inches by eight inches or larger. If the signis eight inches by eight inches, the size of the graphic adopted by reference insubsection (a) shall be six inches in diameter. If the sign is larger than eight inches byeight inches, the size of the graphic shall be proportional to the size of the sign.(c) Each sign shall meet all of the following requirements:(1) The background shall be white.(2) The portion of the graphic depicting the handgun shall be black.(3) The portion of the graphic depicting the circle and diagonal slash across thehandgun shall be red.(4) No text shall be placed within the one-inch area surrounding the graphic.(d) Each sign shall be displayed in a manner that makes the sign reasonablylikely to come to the attention of persons entering the premises.The signs used on the buildings I mentioned are displayed so they are likely to come to the attention of persons entering the premises. However the signs fail to meet any of the other requirements.

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Lawrence police seek suspect in robbery of Midwest Regional Credit Union

Perfect example of a gun free victim zone.The use of lethal force in defense of yourself or a third party is legal if you are afraid for your or their life or grave bodily harm. Action was legal as soon as the employee was struck. It then becomes a question of how much force is legal

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Bars, guns

OZ,DUI will cost you some money and maybe your license. Now you are inconvenienced. Get caught drunk with a gun, now you have real criminal charges against you. Plus you lose your CCW and you're not getting that back. The people I know know the law and are law abiding. Ask you're questions to the 5 people out of 13,289 who have had their license suspended. Make that 4. 1 Charged with Aggravated Assault and Carrying Under the Influence of Alcohol (later acquitted and license reinstated).

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Bars, guns

OZinAK,You're right. Sorry repaste!

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Bars, guns

repaste,Not picking.Every person I know who carries understands the gravity and responsibility of their choice. They also understand the seriousness of their actions if they are forced to defend themselves. They respect others and are the most conscientious people I know. The insinuation that they will put the general public in harm or act stupid in any way is ludicrous. I take it as a personal insult that anyone would suggest that these people are inept, macho, or anything other than responsible and honorable people. They believe in defending/protecting themselves and their loved ones. How can that be wrong?

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