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40 years ago: LHS celebrates 99th Commencement

What day that was. At the time we really didn't appreciate how fortunate we wear. But now looking back on our class of 73 there were many among use who would do very well in life and make quite a mark. What a great class to have been a part of.

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Tour recounts telling tale of Quantrill’s Raid

There is a lot of history in Lawrence. To truely undrestand what really happened that day one needs to know how what happened in Lawrence at the begining of the civil war . Lawrence was where the first shot was fired. Lawrence played a very big part in the begining of the civil war. As well as the roll the city played in the underground railrad. I gew up in lawrence and my family had kived there since the early 1900s. Take along walk around the back of oak hill cemetary and read all the thom stones. As well as the other old cemetarys that were used in those days. The raid marked a time when the people of lawrence made a very big change in where the city would go and and what they had learned from this. PBS did a very good documentry on all this about ten years ago.

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A barber at the Downtown Barbershop attends to client in the morning hours of May 10, 2007

does any body know jons email address . I grew up with him and we were the best of friends for a lot of years. I hope someone will see this and send me a reply . steve alexander.

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Body found on train tracks

people get hit by trains all the time . we cant help people who dont have the sence to get out of the way of a locamotive. being stupid is not a crime. unfortunate but true. if you want to blame it on something try the truth . he was most likly drunk. I used to work for the raildoad and we had to put extra people around the track after ball games to keep the drunks off. steve alexander seattle wa lawrence is my home town

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Armed robbery reported at home on Delaware Street

I grew up in lawrence and this makes me sad to hear this. how bad is the homeless situation. I now live in seattle wa. and we have thousands of homeless people.

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