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Judge dismisses criminal case Kline files against Tiller

Phil Kline you can have an opinion on this subject when you become a woman and get pregnant, Untill then fight for things you have some knowledge about

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Some at KU weary of goalpost overkill

Hum High power fire hose, That would cool some people off before tearing down the goals
I would love to wrap electrical wire around the pools and watch people fry

Um crispy jocks

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State helicopter called in to assist with car chase

I was thinking the bonanza theme...

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That's no ladybug: School mistakenly receives E. coli

It almost seems like someone just wanted to print bloody diarrehea in the newspaper, and this was there big chance.


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Lawrence Humane Society shelter plans for repairs, expansion

They should do a paws in the park like topekas shelter does, Topekas shelter always raises alot of money and I would go to paws in the park in lawrence to support there shelter because they are a no kill shelter


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Lawrence smoking ban challenge goes to Supreme Court

Some one needs to take steffes to court over the disturbance his club has been over the past few months.

I beleive it is said "we have the right to bear arms" and his club is sure taking advantage of that.

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Teenage driver crashes into house

I actully use to live in that area (28th terr) Those streets are so windy and full of other cars parked in the street this kid has be an idiot for driving that fast, You never knew when another car was coming around the corner, or a kid or animal would be in the street.
This kid was going to fast for this area or in general and hopefully his parents will take away his driving privledges, But with parents letting there kid drive a 1996 camaro at that time, they will prob just buy him a new car and send him on his way.

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Freshman becomes first male on KU's Rock Chalk Dance Team

And here I thought Lawrence was a open minded accepting town.
Lawrence is quickly turning into Topeka...
That is a very horrible photo though.

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Gas drive-offs increasing with prices

I walk to work and to the library But I live in the middle of nowhere, so grocery shopping ect, I drive to (or I better plan on walking 2 hours with a arm load of groceries)


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Concealed carry law makes gun sales soar

just what I was thinking...
Now you are going to have a bunch of paranoid gun happy kansass running around.
Havent we learned anything from last call.

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