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Lawrence City Commission passes HERE parking proposal, expresses disdain for sexually suggestive video

All joking aside, I saw the video before LJW took it down. My first thought was that I want any of my tax payer dollars used to build the HERE paid back to me. My second thought was KU should have known better than to allow that video to go public. It exemplifies KU's issues with rape and diversity.

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Brownback standing by Trump despite obscene comments

If I may correct you, the elite are generally sociopaths. A sociopath knows what they are doing is wrong and does it anyway. A psychopath has no conscious to guide their behavior and acts on impulse.

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Grocery store adding full-service restaurant, bar; state fares poorly in income report, but Lawrence shows some positive signs

I don't like it. A bar has no place in a grocery store where families shop. Wait until they have their first unruly inebriated customer who stumbles over to the chip aisle to get a bag of Doritos.

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Lawrence City Commission to decide on increased parking fines

Yes, raise the parking meter fine to $5.00. It may not stop the tourists from Johnson county from parking downtown all day without feeding the meter, but it may help.

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Are you taking extra precautions against Zika virus this summer?

I am not taking the Zika virus scare seriously. It is an election year after all, and fear motivates voters.

June 15, 2016 at 5:53 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

What's one thing that you think is "unmistakably Lawrence"?

The drug and property crime.

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Is there anything you routinely leave Lawrence to shop for?

Most everything except groceries. Amazon is the best. Desired product delivered to your door and you don't have to deal with lousy customer service.

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