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Lawsuit filed against city over denial of south Iowa Street shopping center

I second that. There are already enough stores in this town that will only make it six months and then close. Then another retail space will sit empty. This town needs to use and repurpose the retail space it has.

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Lawsuit filed against city over denial of south Iowa Street shopping center

As a member of the general public, I do not feel harmed by the city's decision. Why create more retail space when there is already empty retail space in the Home Depot parking lot that has been sitting vacant for years?

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Unique furniture, home decor store set to open in downtown Lawrence; news of escape room businesses, cigar lounge

It's the hipster business model. They are only meant to last six months.

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Kansas faith leaders urge Brownback to reverse ban on Syrian refugees

This decision will affect all residents of the state. There should be a public vote. Let the people decide.

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Details on new restaurant slated for Round Corner Drug building; city to settle sidewalk dining flap; update on downtown moves

Anyone care to venture a guess as to how long it will take before a drunk party goer hangs off of it and tears it down?

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Police investigating reported altercation involving racial slurs at Halloween house party

I don't know if this is still the fad when you agree with someone's statement on the Internet, but put me down for a "+1" for Stuart's comment.

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Should state lawmakers get an allowance for business expenses?

Larry hit the nail on the head. If the state lawmakers are cutting budgets, then their budget should be one of them cut.

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Sustainability board votes to work on proposal to reduce plastic bag use

If we don't have the plastic bags, what will we use to pick up our dog's poop?

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