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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I'm so happy that The LJW is finally doing this. Anonymous posting removes all credibility and professionalism from The LJW.
I also refuse to open a Facebook account.

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

marijuana usage has remained fairly steady (or declined) in recent years in younger age groups. By far, the fastest rate of increased usage is in the 60+ age group. This is not anecdotal, but based on national studies. Although, I do personally have three acquaintances who have had elderly (over 75) relatives request marijuana from them in the last couple of years.
In the most recent example, a young man's grandma (80+ years old) requested that he find her some marijuana because her friends were talking about it's pain killing qualities. She is in much pain and welcoming death.
She tried it and said she had not been so happy and pain free in years. She had never smoked marijuana before. She's dreading her hair now and listens to Bob Marley nonstop (no, just kidding).
Cannabis (as hemp, feedstock, oil, medicine...) is the most widely used and most valuable plant throughout human history (how many of our president's grew it)?
This current prohibition of such a valuable plant will be viewed by history as a blip of insanity, much as alcohol prohibition is now viewed.

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City accepts recreation center bids, but won' t proceed with building until Fritzel provides infrastructure costs

Agreed. Stinks to high heaven!

The citizens of Lawrence are, once again, left footing the bill for a recreation facility that is falsely promoted as being for Lawrencians.

This is exactly what happened when Robinson was built some 40 years ago. The City of Lawrence was duped into partnering with KU to build Robinson. KU did this by stating that Robinson would be available for use by all Lawrence residents and they were saving Lawrence money so that we would not "have to" build a YMCA or YWCA.

Robinson has never been available for Lawrence residents and we got stuck with part of the bill and no access to the gyms. Robinson was the justification for us not having a Y. Do you know of another town the size of Lawrence without a Y? This is the reason.

Why in the world is the City of Lawrence partnering with a crooked developer to build a recreation center halfway to Topeka to which we will probably have very little access?
Gene was an upstanding honest businessman. Thomas is not! He is profiting off of his father's good name.

Do you not think that he knew that the bids would be in this range? Does anyone believe that this was not the plan all along? Low building bids leaves more room under the spending cap for Thomas to bilk us once again.

How many people would rather have this rural behemoth, (greatly increasing the property values of some of Lawrence's shadiest developers), than have local neighborhood gym facilities? What a joke...and we weren't even allowed to vote on it.

The Lawrence City Commission is in bed with too many people.

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Would you rather have a lower income tax and higher sales tax, or lower sales tax and higher income tax?

wrong on all accounts.
the supreme court ruled that the 16th amendment gave no new powers of taxation to the federal gov't. The Supreme Ct is the ultimate authority on the matter. Right? Google it.
Sorry I didn't mean to get your hopes up,( no actually I did), but you will never find the law. Several former IRS agents have thought that they would make a quick $50k by finding the law. No one has been successful in finding the law yet. This offer of $50k has been available for many years to anyone that can find the law, as advertised many times in the NYT.
Once again, no one has found it yet. If you can - more power to you.
Yes, it is clearly unconstitutional. The original framers of the constitution were very adamant about this. Wages are not profit. Wages are a barter for payment. Profit is only derived from businesses.
And, not one penny collected from individuals income taxes goes towards paying for any gov't service. All this money goes straight to the richest banking families in the world, whose banks make up the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve
Google it really hard for a few more seconds.
There is a very good documentary on this subject, available widely, entitled, "Freedom to Fascism". I recommend you watch it. Aaron Russo interviews many IRS execs and former agents. No one has ever found the law.
It really is no different from any other collection racket in the Mafia. -Sure there's no law that you have to give the mafia $500 a week, but if you don't your business will burn to the ground.
Many people know there is no law, but, very few elect to not pay (and, yes, I pay all my taxes) because the IRS has demonstrated what they will do to anyone who does not pay.
Many people have not paid their taxes and won in court against the IRS but it is extremely expensive and time consuming to do so.

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Would you rather have a lower income tax and higher sales tax, or lower sales tax and higher income tax?

If there was a law requiring workers to pay an income tax (and there isn't), it would clearly be unconstitutional. So, I'll have to go with the sales tax.
BTW, there is a standing reward of $50,000 to ANYONE who can find a US Federal law which requires any worker to pay an income tax.
It has been tested many times in court. No one has ever found a law which has been broken by non-taxpayers, but it takes a lot of money and a lot of guts to take on the IRS. The IRS is nothing but the enforcement arm of a protection racket. - Yeah, we know you don't have to pay us taxes but we will make your life hell if you don't pay us.
If you find the law, LMK, and I will help you collect the reward. (But no one ever has).
Oh, and if you think are income taxes help pay for the Federal gov't. services, you are 100% incorrect.

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