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Investigation continues into Yellow House sales

whats the yellow house web site?

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KU professor's research shows humans are affecting climates

this we all should have already known, I have known it for most of my life. The problem is that nobody really does anything about it.

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

To put it vaguely all those that don't support pro-choice can go and adopt all those children that are in need of loving. nuturing permant homes. Because the tragedy of that is the result of a women birthing a child she did not intend to have, either leaves the child in a foster home or in an unwanted home. This may not be the case always but is more probable. And to be pro-life and to think that is ok to terminate the life of a rape concieved fetus is ludicrus. That life is no different from any other life concieved. And for a local buisness to display this kind of opinion and expect a positive response or no response at all would be unreasonable.

This buisness has had numerous reports of unfairness and trying to push it's religous/politcal views on it's employee's and clients. Maybe if it was advertised that it was a christian organization that would be fine. But this is just pushing a view on customers that walk throught that door that have to see and read what that tree stands for. So I just say, that if you are going to take a stance on an oppinion, expect an honest answer.

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