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Which of these classic scary movies is your favorite?

top ten in no particular order (franchises count as one):
1. Exorcist I & III
2. The Shining
3. Helter Skelter
4. The Ring
5. When a Stranger Calls (original)- at least the first 15 minutes
6. Halloween I, III, IV
7. Serpent and the Rainbow
8. Original Amityville Horror
9. Friday the 13th Franchise (excluding the one without Jason and before he goes to NY)
10. Nightmare on Elm Street - only the first one.

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Local artist dismayed by national D-Day memorial's financial woes

I think the first problem is that they put a national memorial 230 miles away from DC in the middle of BFE Virginia. How many people are they expecting to visit this place? Your largest two cities are Roanoke and Lynchburg - not exactly tourist hot spots. And Bedford is off the beaten path by quite ways...no major Interstate cuts through there...I-81 is 18 miles to the west on the complete other side of the Blue Ridge Mtns so not a whole lot of passersby stopping in to say hello and plunk down the $5 entrance fee. This is a destination visit, pure and simple and with its somewhat remote location, it isn't likely to be bundled with other visits which makes it that much less appealing.

The event deserves recognition and memorializing - but why the hell put the memorial where nobody can get to it? This was folly from the beginning.

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KU hoops non-conference schedule released

Yeah, that wasn't in there when I commented last night. Glad they provided the info though.

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KU hoops non-conference schedule released

Aren't we due for a tropical tournament soon? I've checked the Maui site and we're not in the 2010 lineup. I need an excuse to go island hopping and watching KU basketball seems like a pretty good one. Anyone have any insight on upcoming possible preseason tourneys?

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Super-sized relief: Ex-Jayhawk Hartwig wins championship with Pittsburgh

I was expecting this very same story maybe the Tuesday or Wednesday after the Super Bowl...not almost 2 weeks later.

Come on, LJW! Get in the game!

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Stimulus talk spurs SLT hope

There is a national list of priority projects that exceeds $60B...potholes on the east side aren't going to make the cut.

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Stimulus talk spurs SLT hope

merrill- Lawrence will get $0 from the stimulus. KDOT will get the money and then distribute according to their priority list. This will go to Interstates and seriously deficient state routes with some maintenance for old bridges, etc. thrown in. Don't fool yourself into thinking this is going to fix potholes on Tennessee Street.

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Stimulus talk spurs SLT hope

I don't think anyone needs to worry about the stimulus funding the SLT...the administration wants projects that are ready to start construction within 90 - 180 days of passage.The SLT will not be ready to go within that timeframe. Fret not.

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Bold statement

Jocques wound up in JUCO because of the incident, yes. He had a terrible senior year and failed to qualify academically. That happens.I have no idea (and neither do you) if the victim thinks that Jocques should be playing football but that's not her call to make. He plead to his crime and the matter is closed. Denying him the opportunity to make something of his life through his natural abilities (he's already on NFL scout's radar) would further punish him beyond what the courts saw fit.The fact that his dad is a sex offender in no way shapes the future for Jocques. He is not "predetermined" to be a rapist any more than OJ Simpson's children are destined to be double murderers. There is no genetic cause for criminal behavior. It is a product of one's environment as much as anything else.I firmly believe that Jocques is trying to make a new life for himself. Why would you deny him that opportunity?

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