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Kansas attorney general sues to stop EPA air pollution rule

I thought this kind of stuff only happened to abortion clinics in Kansas?

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Legislator upset that $85M contract for health reform accepted

“I’m really disappointed and my confidence in the Brownback Administration is in tatters,”

Welcome back Mrs O'Hare....Where have you been for the last 8 months?

I suggest you return to your hole.

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State attorney general discusses KBI concerns with Rotarians

"To do that, former Attorney General Steve Six’s administration used funds from a federal grant and scored money from the Legislature. "

Steve Six "scored" some money from the Legislature- along with a bag of weed and a 9mm.

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Lawrence nurse at LMH reports feeling overnight Missouri earthquake

"She called downstairs to security guards on the ground level, who said they didn’t notice anything."

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Lawrence police advise residents to ignore panhandlers

I'm sure this family was grateful for your kindness.

I took a similar approach recently with a gentleman in Topeka that needed gas (so he said) I offered a one gallon container of gas that I had in my truck. Asked where his car was and offered to put it in the car so I could get my can back. After he said "no thanks" I realized he just wanted an empty can so he could use it as a prop to get cash for "gas".

Don't fall for the empty can bit. I have purchased food on several occasions- but will never give cash.

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Wichita man petitions state to keep President Obama off Kansas ballot in 2012

Fox News I presume? (Or Facts News to some of you) Get outside a little more, the sun will do you some good.

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Owner of proposed Meriden strip club files lawsuit against Jefferson County

The people can scream and cry about "where" the club is located all they want. There are no zoning laws in Jefferson County that state a business like this can not open near a school, church or a feedlot.

I believe that is the main reason for the lawsuit. They said "no" without anything to back them but a few angry citizens.

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McLouth High senior lifts her way into male-dominated sport

Great job Jeri, keep up the hard work!

Great parents & Great Kids....Congratulations D and M

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Wolf Creek nuclear power plant officials monitoring situation in Japan

Lol....ouch, I just fell out of my chair.

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