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Crews respond to east Lawrence building fire

I never saw any smoke or anything.

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Are you tired of the Brett Favre saga?

I guess if he keeps coming back and someone still wants him who cares what he does. It's his life I say go Brett! I hope he has a good year!

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How will the Kansas City Chiefs do this year?

Raiders fan here. Who cares about the Chiefs. But we will have to hear all year what a young team they are. So when they don't win that will be why.

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Free State Brewing Co. and WheatFields among 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine

Well I have been eating at Guy & Mae's for years and the ribs have never been anything but Great!!!!!!!!!!!!! as for the sides who needs them when you have the ribs! It's a Great place! and they have had alot of very well known people come in and eat and all have had nothing but Great reviews for the place!

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Free State Brewing Co. and WheatFields among 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine

I for one know first hand there is no fat on the rib's at Guy & Mae's Some of the best rib's you will ever eat!!!!!

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What's your favorite kind of barbeque?

Guy & Mae's is the best in Williamsburg.

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Should the city ask for volunteers to perform city services?

I think it is a good idea. Maybe that is something that Some of the Homeless could help out with. I also think the City Commission should be out helping!!!!!!

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Final: Free State falls, 19-14, in state title game

We are proud of the Firebirds!

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Final: Hayden defeats Perry-Lecompton for 4A state title, 42-21

I am very proud of the KAWS !!!!!!!!!!!!! You had a great season!

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