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Life and death at a Lawrence strip mall: At 19th and Haskell, hope and heartbreak are bought in balance

And what is poor in the east is left behind.

"Imagine, at city meetings, to hear: ‘Let’s do something in the east.’ How many times did Lawrence say that? Never."

Perfect Mr. Suvarna. Dead on Perfect in expressing what so many on the east side of this town feel.

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Brownback predicts 'a lot of financial strain that's going to be continuing' for Kansas

wonder if Trump will take Brownback for his VP?

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Should grocery stores in Kansas be allowed to sell liquor?

Missouri has a smart idea, where else but Quick Trip can you fill up on gas (less taxes) get some smokes (less taxes) and throw in some liquor (jack daniels) and come out ahead? :)

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Kansas lawmakers grill Brownback administration over possible budget cuts

Subject: Dear Gov. Brownback


Please do something about how you are running our state into the ground with our higher taxes, taking away from the schools, putting a hold on the teacher's retirement package, all because your programs have failed. I can hardly wait for November and to mark all the Democrats as the winners.
Even the newspapers (Lawrence Journal World) is commenting on how the Republicans are disgusted by your mess you've created.
and have a good day!

That's why I created a petition to The Kansas State House, The Kansas State Senate, and Governor Sam Brownback, which says:


Will you sign this petition? Click here:



I know this isn't the best wording for the petition but I am so fed up with everything he's doing, has done and will probably do in the future. and YES i vote, every chance I get.

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Letter to the editor: What kind of party?

Shoot 'em at the O.K. Corral.

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Letter to the editor: Helping hands

How nice to read of good men in this town.

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What's your favorite line from a movie or play?

"That's living in denial" from Midnight Run.

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Chairs appear at East Lawrence bus stops; city responds with plan for new amenities

It is a great thing for the citizens of East Lawrence to place those chairs, as a matter of fact I was going to write a letter to the Editor about that very fact. Too bad those folks will have to stand in snow and rain all because no one deems it necessary for them to have shelter as well.

Thank you Amber Hansen for the start of this possible jump starting Lawrence to see that East Lawrence folks matter too.

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City approves portion of funding request for Free State Festival; future uncertain

“For me, it’s a sense of priorities. If we’re using TGT [transient guest tax] to plant flowers downtown, are you willing to say this is less valuable than a bed of mums?” Herbert said. “I hope next year we can all sit around and look at our reserve fund number and be grateful it’s such a big number. At least we’ll have mums.”

Enjoy the Mum's indeed. Nice to see Commissioner Herbert And Mayor Mike Amyx using their common sense here in voting for the whole amount.

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