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The java experiment: Downtown resident opens Alchemy Coffee at 19th and Massachusetts

I love this little coffee shop, it's a gem.

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Longtime Lawrence couple to lead annual United Way fundraising campaign

Amen on the Tea Castle comment......and the lower goal for United Way....I still just give to the charity of my choice personally.....

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Westside voters seem to be outpacing eastside voters so far in today's election

I live on the east side, matter of fact everyone in my little courtyard already did advance voting. I even took a few folks there myself.

Single mom, kid at Lawrence High School. Works full time....and found the time to vote...Will wonders ever cease.?

Won't have enough gas in car to manage to get to the new rec center, nothing wrong with East Lawrence Rec center, although it could use some expansion.

Voted for the school bond issue, upgrade all the have fingers crossed for Amyx, Scott Criqui and Leslie to win....

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Are you going to vote in the city elections?

advanced voting done with.....

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i just found your blog and am hooked on you and your way of thinking.....hopefully i can find a way to subscribe to you....and all that you share...

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City cleans up after second storm

still not done here on craig know east lawrence behind HARPER street, the one that IS DONE....


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Candidate Leslie Soden hopes to generate more community input as part of City Hall process

i cast one of my three votes allowed for Leslie....and here is the snow coming down that will stop others from voting tomorrow.

Go Leslie Go!!

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Letter: Center exists

I'll be coming over to check it out, for sure. As a lifelong resident here in this lovely town, I can say you have been 'dissed' quite well....

glad you set the record straight.

Hope others as well go and check you out as well.

best wishes,

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Petition to Hold a Public Vote on the Proposed Rec Center

I was only to happy to sign the petition.....let's hope others will do the same....

thank you so much for taking the time to step up.....

best wishes,


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Lawrence City Commission race attracts 11 candidates, including four new candidates who file on deadline day

Excellent points of view from such a diverse group.....let the fun begin!

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