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Big 12 vows to go on with or without A&M

Much ado about nothing. SEC did not invite them. All this BS about A&M leaving when there is no party to go to tonight in the SEC for them. What a waste.

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Electrifying draw: Sporting KC plays to 0-0 tie in stadium opener

Glad to see this stadium up and running. Should give KC Sporting a chance to be profitable plus successful on the field. Hope to make it to a game there one day.

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Sporting KC's new stadium has a lot to offer

Wow. Never expected a story here on the new stadium for KC Sporting. Well done. Congrats to the KC fans that now have a world class facility for the greatest sport in the world.

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Electrifying draw: Sporting KC plays to 0-0 tie in stadium opener

Guess you'll have to go to Europe to find out.

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Royce Woolridge to transfer from KU

You shouldn't feed the pigballin troll.

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NBA riches await Josh Selby

Seems that there are two books on Josh. The guys like your Mr. Doe that might be convinced to take a shot with Josh. Then there are the guys like the Mr. Doe's from the CBS story that liken him to Willie Warren. Will be very interesting to see how this plays out. I believe you are right Tom. Someone will want to take a shot with Josh. When and where, I don't know. I can only wish the Baltimore kid who signed with KU but whose dream was to play in the NBA all the best.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

Thanks guys for a terrific 3 years. It was great to see you develop into serious players. Can only wish you the best.

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Kansas rookie TE Jimmay Mundine a ‘stud’ in the making

Great story for this time of the year. Keep'em coming. Looking forward to seeing Jimmay play next year.

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Southern hostility: Jayhawks struggle on road

Editors - when is the Journal World going to link the comments of the same story all on one page?

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