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Statehouse Live: Budget subcommittee cuts KU Med Center proposal, recommends audit of KU

As a student at KU Medical Center I am very offended by this article. The school is in desperate need of a newer, larger facility. There is no dedicated building for the medical school, we share facilities with nursing students as well as PT students. One of the main reasons we have satellite campuses is due to the school inability to gain accreditation for a larger class size because of our small facility.

"Arpke said he was concerned that KU’s enrollment has dropped over the past several years, and he said the school needs to do more to make sure students graduate in four years."

I don't get this statement either. Is he talking about the University of Kansas or the University of Kansas Medical Center. IF he is talking about KUMC he is wrong. KUMC's class of 2016 will be the largest class the medical school has had to date.

As a student, one of the most important things to me is a new facility. I understand that I would be long gone from KUMC by the time the building is finished, but KUMC desperately needs it. I think Sen. Tyson needs to come talk to us and see for herself if we are just parroting.

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