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Highberger to announce re-election bid

Vote the 3 PLC kommissioners out of office!!!

Logrithmic wrote at 12:17 PM "That's all that matters to wackos - money. For the rest of us, we see virtue in preserving our quality of life. We don't center ourselves on money."

Log You are a joke. Money and smoking pot are just about the only things people like you care about. You and your bozo PLC pals are constantly whining about money and who's paying for something, all the while spending taxpayer money like it's going out of style. And let's not forget it is also people like you who have no objections to raising taxes and creating new taxes. And last but not least, you advocate legalizing pot, something that you and Boog have in common. The majority of Lawrencians don't like your idea of a pothead "quality of life".

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Affordable housing incentives proposed

Godot, good comment. I think most business people see this as legalized extortion not incentives. Kinda reminds me of an organized crime tactic.

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City eyes new fees for builders

Asbestos Are you from Lawrence? Have you lived here for any length of time? Based upon your comments, either you don't know want you're writing about or have only lived here a few years. Have you ever been west of Kasold or Crossgate? Have you heard of Praire Park?

I'm not going to attack you and start calling you names, but I would suggest that you simply look at how much the city has grown in the last 11 years. Geez, just look at a map from 11 years ago. My estimated numbers are probably on the low end of the actual number. And as far as "free green space", have you ever heard of Bob Billings, or John McGrew (developers) who gave / donated land to the city. Just search the LJW, or simply drive along west 27th or Bob Billings Pkwy, there are some big signs on the green space.

And finally, you're using an example of 3000 homes with a retail value of 150K. Get Real!!! That example really shows that you don't know what you're writing about.

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City eyes new fees for builders

Using rough conservative estimates, during the last 11 years, developers (via new developments) have given the city over $247 million dollars in free infrastructure. Now add in all of the land and rights of way for streets and sidewalks and that roughly comes to around $193 million and that doesn't include land given to the city for green space, nature trails and fishing ponds. Combined it's around $440 million of FREE land and infrastructure given to the city. I believe that is far above and beyond proving the fact that development pays for itself.

However, the city commission and especially the 3 PLC kommissioners believe that is simply not enough. They have spent all of the taxpayers hard earned money and want to spend even more of our money on frivolous projects like a $30 million library downtown, new homeless shelters, more traffic circles and roundabouts, more studies and consultants, expanded bus service, new tree landscape grates and flowers for downtown, sprinkler systems for downtown businesses, subsidies for low income housing, etc:

So, to fund all of these future frivolous projects, the 3 PLC commissioners will have to raise taxes and create new taxes (see impact fees). All of these new fees and taxes will eventually become too expensive thus slowing and stopping growth. This accomplishes yet another goal for the PLC commissioners and their supporters which is to stop all growth, unless it meets the subjective requirements of their new business analyst czar.

When growth stops, where will the PLC commissioners fund all of their frivolous projects and bloated incompetent local government? Well, the 3 PLC commissioners have already discussed creating a new tax on gasoline.

Lawrencians, if you want to change this situation, vote the 3 PLC kommissioners out of office in April.

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City eyes new fees for builders

It was just over a year ago or so that posters like Bozo, Gopconservative and Merrill were whining that developers didn't pay for the streets and infrastructure in their new developments. When they were informed that developers pay 100% of all infrastructure costs directly related to the development they called posters like me, and many others liars.

Here is the truth; developers pay 100% of all infrastructure costs directly related to the new development. Included in that are numerous fees / taxes paid to the city for various items, which are usually grossly inflated. For example a 2" water meter costs roughly $1,900 but the city charges $20,000 for the water meter, an increase of 1,000%. The entire infrastructure is given to the city for free, plus all the land and rights of way for the streets. Take for example, the development of a 30 acre residential subdivision; the city will receive roughly $2.6 million in infrastructure free, plus another $2.3 million in land free. The roads connecting to new subdivisions are also paid for by the developers or adjacent land owners. Apparently, 4.9 million just isn't enough for the PLC kommissioners and their small vocal crowd.

All of these costs are ultimately passed on to the end consumer which is the new home buyer. And, now the city commission is getting ready to increase those costs even higher, which will result in higher priced homes, and the increase of all home values throughout the city, which finally ends in higher taxes for everyone.

Where's all of our ever increasing property tax money going to? Where's all the money developers and builders have paid to the city for "system development" fees / taxes (see above example for water meters) over the past 20 to 30 years? Where's all the money home owners have been paying for ever increasing water bills and sewer charges? The answer is simple, the city commission has wasted our taxpayer dollars, and is now looking to increase everyone's taxes again and again in order to continue squandering our hard earned dollars on future frivolous projects. It was just last week when the 3 PLC kommissioners spoke about increasing taxes on gasoline. They already are planning to raise everyone's local taxes on phone service, natural gas service and electric service.

What has this city commission done with all the taxpayer money? It looks like they have spent it, on frivolous items such as traffic circles and roundabouts, an empty bus system, flowers for downtown, expensive studies and consultants that they then ignored, new waterlines and sewers for downtown businesses, so called 'art' for downtown, lawsuits, vacations to Washington DC while congress is on break, etc...

If this city was run by competent business minded commissioners and city administrators, we as a city would have more than enough money for new libraries, new parks, new fire and police stations, new sports facilities, and a hefty amount left over for emergency funds.

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Tax concerns

Very good LTE.

Bozo - name one subsidy Mr. Reynolds receives. You can't without your usual lies, and distortion of the truth.

New construction pays for itself and more! Guess what the city charges for a 2" water meter which is typical for many businesses. The price tag is $20,000. The actual cost of the water meter is $1,900. The city is making $18,100 on that which is suppose to be used for "system development". Yeah right:.until the Kommissioners got their grubby little hands on it, and spent it.

Your PLC commissioners are wasting that money and the general public's tax money, on crap like traffic circles, non-calming traffic devices, flowers for downtown, ignored studies that the PLC doesn't like but paid big dollars for, etc:.

Merrill no intelligent person believes the crap you write or rather 'cut and paste' every freakin day. And, don't you get it; Lawrence will never develop light industrial of the type you would like. Those days and jobs are gone to:.Mexico and now to China.

Lawrencians wake up and vote the 3 PLC bozos out of office in April.

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Group to push for Lawrence minimum wage

The LJW headline should be changed to identify the "Group" just as they commonly do with conservative groups.

So, here is some help:

It sounds like this group advocates a social system characterized by the common ownership of the means of production and subsistence by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members of society, and a system of government in which the state controls the means of production and ensures all goods are shared equally by society.

With that in mind, the headline should read, "Communist Group to push for Lawrence minimum wage, and other ideas".

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City may call on new telephone system

As pointed out by the majority of posters on this forum, Lawrence does not need a 311 phone system. This system, if implemented would be another frivolous waste of tax payer money, just like the city empTy bus system, and would turn into a never ending growing parasite on the taxpayer year after year. I would guess that less than 1% of our population would use it, just like the empTy bus system.

Again, as pointed out by posters, most people can easily find the number needed via the phone book. This solution is far more cost effective, and proven to work.

To poster Badger, I have lived in numerous very large cities across the US, and have used the 311 system. One significant reason large and very large cities implemented 311 systems was to relieve the pressure of non emergency calls on their 911 emergency system. It's also part of the reason most larger cities will not send a police unit to a vehicle accident were no one is injured. They don't want their police departments tied up with non-emergency situations, and don't want people clogging up 911 with non-emergency calls. However, this is Lawrence, a small city or large town take your pick. If you subtract the KU college population, Lawrence is just a mid sized town of about 60K, where at least 45% of the population is in Topeka or KC from 8 to 5.

Sigmund your post is hilarious. Now imagine the bitter little man Schauner as the recorded voice, and whiny Rundle as the beeps. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Report: City should spend more on public transit

Schauner and the PLC (Pathetic Liberals & Communists) supporters have never seen a tax increase that they don't love. They love the entire tax base of the city and US taxpayers (federal money) subsidizing less than 1% of the Lawrence population to ride a bus. The city of Lawrence does not need a public transit system. The university does need one, and should run away from anything the city wants to do as fast as possible.

Posters blue73harley and Godot have got it right. We as a city can let private enterprise work to fill this WANT (not a need) by less than 1% of the population. Everyone would benefit, except the PLC crowd that wants more bloated government, more frivolous spending and higher taxes.

This is just another reason to add to the long list of reasons to vote the 3 PLC commissioners off the city commission in April.

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City commission briefs

Bozo, you're simply in over your head again.

All new home owners are paying more than their fair share, and have been doing so for years in this city. They are paying for all of your services, and downtown. Guess where all the money is coming from to pay for all the round-a-bouts, traffic non-calming devices, new streets, sewers, water lines, sidewalks, flowers for downtown, new water and sewer for downtown, etc..?

The new home owners are subsidizing the rest of Lawrence, especially everywhere east of Iowa and downtown.

I'd like to see you Bozo, and all your neighbors pay for your share of the $700,000 round-a-bout at 19th, that you so dearly love. And all of the other traffic non-calming devices in east Lawrence. Oh thats right.... you want all the new home owners in Lawrence to pay for that...

Now, I going to work, so that I can pay for all of my expenses as well as your share of city services Bozo.

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