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KU, other universities warn employees of possible furloughs

Depends on your definitions. 'Support staff' are under 2,000, but 'unclassified non-faculty' are yes, over 5,000.

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KU, other universities warn employees of possible furloughs

That 10k number of KU employees is misleading. It's true that is total head count, but it includes over 4k part-time student workers, many of whom probably receive work study assistance from federal resources. Non-faculty are well under 2,000. http://www2.ku.edu/~oirp/profiles/new...

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Lawsuit claims KU medical school violated Americans With Disabilities Act

There's a lot of things disabled and handicapped people can and should be able to do, and the ADA is a fantastic vehicle to push those boundaries.

But...everyone needs to understand the limitations. A wheelchair-bound person can't get a job doing construction. A blind person can't be a surgeon. Unfortunately to do her clinical rotations to be a nationally certified physician she needs to be able to perform certain tasks which she simply can't do. It's out of the hands of the medical center.

I wish her well and hope she pursues a career in the health industry.

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Kansas colleges request budget hike of nearly $19 million

KU and KUMC employees are state employees too, who also haven't seen raises in three years. Staff are leaving in droves for private employers because of it, where they can make 20-50% more.

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