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Suspects in triple shooting apprehended in Las Vegas

I don't know anyone involved, but I'm disheartened by the level of some of the mean comments (especially the mole thing) here. I don't get adding to the pain of this situation, which is already difficult for all parties (family members reading this) involved. Something bad happened. Why add to the pain by being mean-spirited? Time will reveal all.

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Letter: Moment of grace

Thanks. I hope the weather cooperates and people will come out in droves for this.

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Lawrence school bus vandalized with anti-Free State messages

Article states that the bus driver discovered the vandalism this morning--Sept. 22. But when you click on the links in the article, it leads you to two posts on Twitter and it looks like the photos were posted on Saturday, Sept. 21.

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Lawrence boy receives more than 600 Pez dispensers for Christmas

Mr. Godsey, please don't let the negative comments here get you down. They are always there, no matter what the story is. It's more of a way to connect with your son than a lot of other gifts would have been, and he will always cherish it. Great photo, too.

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For some, campground is home, even in winter

SO glad you reached your goal. Wallaces, please don't let some of the negative comments or posts here get you down. Thanks for this story, Ms. Shepherd.

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Sally Zogry, left, Health Care Access Clinic development assistant, thanks Lora Wiley, of Au Marche,

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Night lights: Lawrence man uses lights and music to create unique Halloween experience

Why doesn't the article list what to tune the car radio to, in order to listen to the music?

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Suspect in attack released on bond

Hmm. So Mommy and Daddy bailed him out, huh? Looks like they may have been bailing him out all his life, and this is the result.

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LOYO art show called off this year

Hmmm! That's interesting. I have had work in the LOYO show, and I certainly did not receive any postcard.

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Art cancellation

No, you can not sell arts and crafts at the Farmer's market. The people who sell crafts there now may be grandfathered in, but there is now a clause that new vendors accepted can only be FOOD producers.

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