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Lawrence boy receives more than 600 Pez dispensers for Christmas

Mr. Godsey, please don't let the negative comments here get you down. They are always there, no matter what the story is. It's more of a way to connect with your son than a lot of other gifts would have been, and he will always cherish it. Great photo, too.

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For some, campground is home, even in winter

SO glad you reached your goal. Wallaces, please don't let some of the negative comments or posts here get you down. Thanks for this story, Ms. Shepherd.

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Sally Zogry, left, Health Care Access Clinic development assistant, thanks Lora Wiley, of Au Marche,

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Night lights: Lawrence man uses lights and music to create unique Halloween experience

Why doesn't the article list what to tune the car radio to, in order to listen to the music?

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Suspect in attack released on bond

Hmm. So Mommy and Daddy bailed him out, huh? Looks like they may have been bailing him out all his life, and this is the result.

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LOYO art show called off this year

Hmmm! That's interesting. I have had work in the LOYO show, and I certainly did not receive any postcard.

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Art cancellation

No, you can not sell arts and crafts at the Farmer's market. The people who sell crafts there now may be grandfathered in, but there is now a clause that new vendors accepted can only be FOOD producers.

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Art cancellation

x96merrill3, that is uncalled for. What happened in Greensburg (I grew up near there) is devastating. But it does not give you license to lash out at people. Katie wasn't whining. She expressed her problem and a constructive solution (please have a rain date.) To my understanding this is the first time in 46 years of the festival, that there was not a rain date set. It is a valid concern, not only for her, but for 139 other artists who were affected by the cancellation. Paying one's rent or not paying one's rent is a real concern, and this is a big show for a lot of people. Katie is participating in ART IN THE YARD, an impromptu art sale organized by artists affected by the cancellation, so it is not like she is just sitting around boo-hooing.
So if I wanted to behave in the manner you are behaving, I could find a more painful story in the paper than your story, and then compare it to your situation, and tell you to get some perspective, right x96merrill3?

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Lunch turns into $150 meal

Okay, I am the lady that got towed. A previous poster said I read the sign and ignored it. No, I did not read the sign, I did not SEE the sign until someone pointed it out to me AFTERWARDS. And I am not the only one--many cars were towed that day, and many cars have been towed since then. It's not like we all parked there and said, "What the heck." The signs are small, and the type is small. The fact that you can access ALL of those parking spots from ONE just seemed that it was all one lot, one shopping center. There is no curb or median where one lot ends and another begins. I agreed to be interviewed because if it was unclear to ME, I didn't want it to happen to OTHERS--imagine this happening to a person who had trouble getting around, or a senior citizen, for example. I don't usually visit this forum because of the types of finger pointing and rush to judgement that generally occurs. I am surprised there hasn't been more, and for those of you who understand, thank you.

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