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Cycle of psychosis: Mental illness gripped woman accused in East Lawrence homicide

Are you kidding? The difference between a severely mentally ill person murdering someone and a mentally stable person murdering someone is where they get locked up. A mental institution or a prison. Either way she will be locked up for a very long time, don't doubt it.

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Cooking from Scratch: Celebrate tomato season with homemade mayo

If you have an immersion blender, you can just dump all the ingredients in at once, turn it on and BANG homemade mayo. You can see it starting immediately, takes about 30 seconds to get it all mixed. I did it for the first time recently and it's really amazing.

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More bicycles on road means more caution, manners required of everyone

And when a car is following you patiently for a few yards so that they can make a right turn without running you over, don't give them the finger.

Kinda made me want to go ahead and run over that guy.

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Kansas teen recovering from scorpion sting

No, he wasn't "bitten". Scorpions don't bite.

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Mrs. Mass.: Home-grown groceries

Yeah, cheese and salami, super healthy! Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Merc, but higher quality cheese and chocolate bars are just as bad for you as the stuff you get at Dillon's. I hardly ever make it out of there without a piece of the carrot cake that's sold by the slice in the cold case. Best carrot cake EVER.

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Air-ambulance transports man who fell 20 feet in Lawrence

Did the balcony railing break or was he climbing on it or something? Unlike some past situations where there have been falls, the balcony behind Jazzhaus is actually meant to be a balcony and I'm not sure how you'd fall off it under normal circumstances, even if drunk.
Wishing this young man a speedy recovery.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

Wait, 10 out of 463 fires only?? Has anything else caused 10 fires since 2007? Are we banning it?

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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

He wasn't most likely "allowed" to drive. If you're on your third DUI you most likely have an alcohol problem and need to never drink again. Taking away someone's license does not actually stop them from driving, sober or not.

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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

Maybe... I'd say they're about equally bad.

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School board to review human sexuality curriculum

You are ahead of yourself... they are *considering recommendations* that they have lessons about contraception. Who knows if they'll go ahead with it or not.

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