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School board to review human sexuality curriculum

You are ahead of yourself... they are *considering recommendations* that they have lessons about contraception. Who knows if they'll go ahead with it or not.

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

Milton's had serve-yourself coffee. I have mixed feelings about this b/c when I go out to eat I like to have someone serve me; if I wanted to get my own coffee I could do that at home. However if you're waiting for a refill it's your own problem.

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Have you noticed a bad taste in the city's water?

Happens every year, EVERY year. First it tastes like algae, then they treat it and it tastes like bleach. I use a filter pitcher but I can still taste it sometimes.

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Drug testing bill goes to governor

This has already been done in Florida- and they spent WAY more money just doing the tests than they saved on identifying the very small percentage of drug users. Since KS is planning to then pay for treatment whether the person wants it or not, it'll be throwing even more money away.

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KU players' tattoos tell life stories

Indeed they are expensive... but whether you can afford them or not is mostly a matter of priority- if that's what you like to do with your disposable income, then that's what you'll spend it on. Other people may spend it on fine dining or woodworking supplies or whatever their hobby may be. Some may think tattoos are a waste of money but hey, at least you'll have it forever.

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Farmers' Market struggling to find downtown home for Tuesday market

The Tuesday market is not in the morning, it's from 4 to 6PM.

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New city survey shows about 20 percent have concerns with taste of city's drinking water

I have to agree with mikekt, that money would be better spent on crumbling water mains. Still the water does taste HORRIBLE. Every summer, first smells & tastes like lake water (algae, I guess), then they "fix" it and it tastes like bleach. The Brita filter isn't even enough when this happens.

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Sound Off: Parking ticket

The meters are not marked, at least not all of them. I was specifically looking recently b/c I couldn't remember if it ended at 5 or 6. It didn't say. So I put a dime in the meter.
Then again my world would not have ended if I'd ended up with a $3 ticket.

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Myers Liquor files plan for drive-through lane and new retail space at 23rd and Alabama location

Yeah drive through beer! Sooooo lazy. Near where I lived in California there was a drive through liquor store, and since there's no prohibition there on selling other things in liquor stores, it was really like a drive through convenience store with an emphasis on alcohol.

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Westar Energy customer outages down to 300 in Douglas County

West "of" Iowa or west *to* Iowa?

Appears to be out south to 9th street, back south of 8th or so.

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