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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

You know what would have been good here? Communication. It sounds like Silverback had plans on how to handle parking, space issues, etc., but the homeowners in the area weren't made aware of them. You're never going to please everybody but you can take care of a lot just by answering peoples' questions.

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New city report says 27th Street may need $200K in traffic calming

Please, yes! I think most of us who were used to taking 31st st will go back to doing so... or at least enough people that 27th doesn't need *so many* traffic calming devices.

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Senate panel votes to block United Way payroll deductions for public sector employees

This is rather stupid on part of the state govt, I agree... because also, you can just sign up to have money sent straight from your checking account to whatever charity, union, bill, or anyone/anything else you want to give your money to.

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New Lawrence ordinance would check criminal history of taxi cab drivers

Doing a criminal background check for drivers is a great idea; preventing cabs from operating unless they're covering a certain number of hours is not. Do you want people to call cabs instead of drive drunk? Then maybe it's a good idea for cabs to be available. A 45 minute wait is not uncommon (or terribly unreasonable) but sometimes it's hours. Much better if people can stumble out of the bar and say, "look, here's a cab, let's take it" rather than waiting on the curb for two hours.

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Lawrence police: Two shooting victims are KU students; suspects still at large

"the victims police have talked to “are not coming out and giving specific names of the suspects.”

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Lawrence woman spends weeks, $2,000 to find lost cat

Microchips are great, but in this case it wouldn't have helped unless someone caught the cat and took it to the shelter or a vet where it would be scanned...

Anyway I am so glad this has a happy ending!

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Three-hour armed standoff at Village Square Apartments ends in suspect's arrest

What makes you think tear gas would prevent a shooting? It doesn't make you unconscious.

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Lawrence considers code changes as a result of fire at pet boarding business

Requiring a fire alarm seems incredibly useful... and also basic. I mean really, I can't believe a fire alarm isn't required for a business that takes care of living beings.

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Fire officials: Smoking materials caused Ohio Street fire

You can pretty much tell which apartment it started in just from looking at the photos. Meanwhile, ditto on the renters insurance- people think they can't afford it but it's very, very cheap, especially if you have it as an add on to your car insurance. Mine is just under $10/month.

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With one homicide and a second possible in six months, Cedarwood Apartment residents fear for safety

Maybe.... Places like this usually don't do any kind of background/credit checks on their tenants. And some people are fine- it is possible to always pay your rent on time, but have bad credit due to other debt. But you also get a bunch of people who *don't* pay their rent on time. Then, depending on how the owner manages his/her money overall... well it's entirely possible for them to be broke. That's their problem, tho, not the tenants, and they're still responsible for at least maintaining things up to what the city requires.

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