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Alleged attempted abduction on Ohio Street; woman beaten, left to bleed on sidewalk of Massachusetts Street

I think the similarity here is men deciding to "help" women that they don't know. The woman in the above scenario didn't need help and was able to express that. The unconscious women clearly needed help, and maybe the frat boys had good intentions, but maybe they didn't. Regardless, taking an unconscious stranger to your home is pretty much never a good idea. If they wanted to help they should have thought of a better way to do it than essentially kidnapping them.

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Super 8 owner ordered to stand trial, intends to use defense of mental disease or defect

People who aren't from here (eg, those who generally stay in hotels) aren't going to know about this.

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Nurse's lawsuit alleges that Lawrence Memorial Hospital falsified records

I think that's on the right track but not quite right. When a patient comes in with chest pain they are supposed to be hooked up to an EKG *immediately* b/c if you are having a heart attack every second between arrival, diagnosis, and treatment counts in two ways. One, the patient's chances for survival and recovery with minimal damage. Two, the hospital's ratings and (apparently) Medicare/Medicaid payments. It's not about patients sitting in the waiting room for hours, it's about patients waiting a couple *minutes*. A good article about all this: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/21/hea...

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Design fosters togetherness at KU's newly opened Oswald and Self halls

Huh, I always thought dorms would be cheaper or at least not as expensive as apartments.... but my two bedroom apartment is significantly cheaper than that. (Assuming it doesn't include a dining plan in the cost listed.)

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Former leader of Just Food appears to have given United Way a questionable income tax return

I'm guessing they retained a lawyer to deal with the documents request because the general public (or even members of the board of a non-profit) are not fully educated on what is, by law, accessible to the public and what is not. It's just good sense to hire a lawyer when dealing with any kind of legal issue.

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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

You know what would have been good here? Communication. It sounds like Silverback had plans on how to handle parking, space issues, etc., but the homeowners in the area weren't made aware of them. You're never going to please everybody but you can take care of a lot just by answering peoples' questions.

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New city report says 27th Street may need $200K in traffic calming

Please, yes! I think most of us who were used to taking 31st st will go back to doing so... or at least enough people that 27th doesn't need *so many* traffic calming devices.

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