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Short list of late-November restaurant inspections shows sushi restaurant, fast-food outlets

Sometimes when places just open they don't quite have their act together yet and it's something minor like no lids on trashcans. Then again, I didn't read the report, so it could be something really gross!

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Rise in mental health emergencies makes local ER workers fear for their safety

Really LJWorld, thanks for identifying Frank as a MALE nurse. Lord knows we'd all have been so confused otherwise bc mean aren't supposed to be nurses, that's a job for girls!!

Do the nurses really feel that making an assault a felony would help this situation? It's implied that they do. Punishing people for being mentally ill is just going to screw their life up more, when we all can see that the problem here is lack of appropriate services.

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Police blotter for Tuesday, August 23

Part of the problem is, you can't park halfway on the sidewalk on a section of street where there are no parking signs clearly posted.

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Police chief delivers report in response to Black Lives Matter campaign

You might want to look into the difference between some random looters who are Black, and the organization called Black Lives Matter and its participants.

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Lawrence City Commission agrees to increase in downtown parking meter fines from $3 to $5

The fine increase seems reasonable, but what on earth is Capt. Heffley talking about with getting people to "move on"? There's absolutely no logic in that. People aren't just going to stop what they're doing and take off b/c their meter is running out. They might be a little more conscious about going back to put more change in if the fine is higher, but it's not going to make people leave. And it shouldn't matter to him whether they do or not, anyone who's downtown is potentially spending money on goods and services as well as parking.

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Lawrence man faces felony battery charge after shooting in eastern Lawrence

He was 13, do things go off your record if you're a minor?

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Investigators determine Orchard Corners apartment fire caused by improper disposal of smoking materials

Right, because nobody cares if they burn their own apartment down.

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Updated: KU student leader facing misdemeanor drug charges appears before judge; attorney says missed summons due to spring break

Ms Grant is not the only student arrested for marijuana possession in Lawrence in the past several months. So why is she the only one getting news coverage for it? Is it because she was involved with the Black Student Union? Is it because of the alleged assault incident? Someone please explain, because "college student arrested with weed" is really a non-story and I'm not sure why LJW is posting weekly updates about it.

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HERE @ Kansas responds to City Commission's parking concerns

I used to be able to park just fine in this area, *until* they started building this monstrosity. The parking that's lost along Mississippi St. isn't going to be returned as city parking when it's done, either.

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Would you ride the bus if it were free?

So, if the bus were pretty much like your own personal taxi, you'd totally take the bus?

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