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Three-hour armed standoff at Village Square Apartments ends in suspect's arrest

What makes you think tear gas would prevent a shooting? It doesn't make you unconscious.

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Lawrence considers code changes as a result of fire at pet boarding business

Requiring a fire alarm seems incredibly useful... and also basic. I mean really, I can't believe a fire alarm isn't required for a business that takes care of living beings.

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Fire officials: Smoking materials caused Ohio Street fire

You can pretty much tell which apartment it started in just from looking at the photos. Meanwhile, ditto on the renters insurance- people think they can't afford it but it's very, very cheap, especially if you have it as an add on to your car insurance. Mine is just under $10/month.

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With one homicide and a second possible in six months, Cedarwood Apartment residents fear for safety

Maybe.... Places like this usually don't do any kind of background/credit checks on their tenants. And some people are fine- it is possible to always pay your rent on time, but have bad credit due to other debt. But you also get a bunch of people who *don't* pay their rent on time. Then, depending on how the owner manages his/her money overall... well it's entirely possible for them to be broke. That's their problem, tho, not the tenants, and they're still responsible for at least maintaining things up to what the city requires.

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With one homicide and a second possible in six months, Cedarwood Apartment residents fear for safety

Slumlords aside... it's important to note that neither of these were random murders. The recent one seems like it was probably domestic violence. In the previous shooting the perpetrators were known to the victim, from what I've read. It sucks that the management won't take care of their property, people should report it to the city and use it to get out of their lease if possible. But it's still really, really unlikely that anyone will be randomly murdered by a complete stranger. That level of fear is not really necessary.

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5 things to know about the city's new curbside recycling service

Apartment dwellers should be getting/have gotten bins too. Call or email the city if you haven't or if you have other questions, I got a quick and informative response from them (whereas I got zero information from the apartment management).

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Neighbors oppose reduction in parking numbers for $75 million apartment complex near KU

If there were permit only parking in the neighborhood, where would visitors to this shopping/apartment complex park? In the Union parking garage? Paying high rates to shop at a place not affiliated with the university? That makes no sense at all.

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Eudora men arrested on suspicion of firearm, drug offenses in North Lawrence

What, they took people out of the car slowly and carefully instead of just shooting them all!? Shocking.

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Hundreds turn out for KU sexual assault forum; student group demands investigation

Affirmative consent is great.
Drink limits are just not going to happen. It also puts the burden chiefly on women to not drink, instead of on men to not rape. Same with requiring self defense courses. Why not make men take four semesters of "how to not rape people" training instead of putting the burden on the potential victims? I do think more education all around would be a good idea. How about a one credit hour course on sexual harassment and assault and associated issues such as victim blaming?

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Cycle of psychosis: Mental illness gripped woman accused in East Lawrence homicide

Are you kidding? The difference between a severely mentally ill person murdering someone and a mentally stable person murdering someone is where they get locked up. A mental institution or a prison. Either way she will be locked up for a very long time, don't doubt it.

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