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City showdown ends in scoreless, double-OT tie

First of all...great game and kudos to both teams.

However, the "goal" was a goal. I was present and can tell you that even the Free state players thought it was a goal. Even if you look at the picture, the LHS player put the ball in the goal with the knee. The player that was yellow carded was behind the players with the ball, and the ball crossed the goal before the foul. Further, he was reacting to the elbow by number three on the free state team. Therefore...goal....the ball crossed the line first. The yellow card does not negate the goal...read the FIFA rules, Mr. referee.

However, it doesn't surprise me since the center referee has a history calling fouls against LHS and is a Free State teacher.

Someone also needs to teach Coach Murphy how to substitute players. He consistently takes out his best players to allow bench players to play. News for you coach, there is only three subs allowed in real soccer...there is a reason for that. You let your starters play until they are hurt or need out. You are sacrificing the season in order to ensure that bench players have time on the field...and that is not fair to your players and the team. Also, you don't sub six to eight players in at a time. It's not football....

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