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City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

All need to see this : All things in lawrence are KU driven, the student population = cheap wages for these businesses. If KU went away All would be in trouble. Growth is KU based, like it or not. Down town continues to shrink due to parking and accessability. I won't go down town because there is no parking. Fact. Now looking at the big picture, the swelling of new buiisnesses will do no good until the traffic system is rebuilt > Lawrence will flourish when the bypass is comepleted, if ever. Lawrence trasffic is horriffic. I try to avoid lawrence just because of the 23rd street / iowa street choke. It sucks. Until there is a complete bypass arond the entire town,, like topeka, kansas city ect. Growth will die and at best struggle. Lawrence leaders are trying to be a "Big boy town" and still hold hostage peolpe to down town business . Guess what down town will continue to shrink. Life is hard.. Get the bypass in and see things sprout... The leaders need to get better paying waged companies into town. Look at this, we don't need to ship our factories to mexio to get cheap wages, you are already bringing mexio here, berry plastics, amar, ect. sweat shop wages..
When these companys come in looking for tax abatements, oneof the stipulations should be a higher wage ( much higher than minimum). Then see what they do . You'd get more popular support and get real dollars into the community as opposed to a company coming in , reaping the tax break and then evaporiting like a fart in the wind when they expire after 5 or 10 years. It's all abnout money.

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

Workin people are subject to random drug testing, it's about time you guys had to . THX browny.

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Brownback seeking end of property tax deduction for homeowners

Browny sucks, here we go again, he is robbing us .. Only the rich will support Browny .. ( Brown eye),, LOL !!

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KU moves up to No. 2 in coaches poll, No. 3 in AP

They're gettin ready for a big fall on their noses !!!

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Glass: Royals’ expectations on rise

Probably to just suck in some more suckers for ticket sales.

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Glass: Royals’ expectations on rise

Bla Bla Bla, royals and chiefs are both a POS... nothing short. why would there be change now,

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Facing a $700 million deficit, should the state cut income taxes next year?

If you make 75K or less, there should be no tax on the state or federal level. The government just keeps cutting into out daily lives every day. 2% here 2% there. Hell there are basically no more pay raises for those under 75K as recent as january 1st we all took a 2% hit right off the top. How much more blood does the government want. I say if they want to cut, cut their wages first, then we'll go from there. The politicians are doing a crappy job as it stands now anyway ?? Why do they get godzillian bucks to just take it away from us. That is their job isn't it, to figure out a way to get our money and have us like it .

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Fritzel breaks silence on proposed Rock Chalk Park deal, says he won't profit from the KU sports complex

“We’re doing it because we love to make money for ouselves while we convince you that we care about the community.

Yep, and pigs also fly !! Another fritzer #hitzer ...

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Do you think Gov. Brownback should try to combine the Kansas Department of Transportation with the Kansas Turnpike Authority?

Browny should just leave things be to be done by qualified people.

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