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Letter: Elder care

In reply to Laus_Deo:
Oh, you poor child! YOu must be one of those persons that have everything?
I wish you could have grown up in the 50's with two parents "scratching'" the earth for every penny to raise four kids. My father worked as a carpenter & my mother worked at home making professional slipcovers for others furniture. She did this for many years before switching to making custom draperies. There were NO benefits to pay for retirement. Mom & Dad lived comfortably in their golden years because Dad would buy older houses that no one would touch, clean them up & rent them to students or others. One such house they bought was one they rented in back in 1933. There was NO inside facilities, only running water. Dirt was nearly 1/2 inch thick on everything and they used pure ammonia to clean everything. They weren't afraid of hard work.
I was lucky! I not only learned to sew, build houses, but at an early age I also took an interest in cooking and I do not regret any of the things I learned at home. Are you one so intertwined with computers and the "finer side(s) of life" & things others taught you in a classroom, that you can't teach the coming generations the basics of life. I hope you will have enough to live comfortably in your retirement and your don't ever get scammed by a Ponzi scheme so that you don't have to rely on Soc Sec. Because the way our elected officials are going there won't be Social Security when you reach 70-75 (Proposed retirement ages for the future generations)

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