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Developer Doug Compton hopes ‘901 Building’ will spur living, shopping downtown

So I have a couple of things to raise. First, the statement "“....said Compton, one of the city’s larger landlords and developers as president of First Management Inc." Is this an understatement? Who is a larger landlord and developer in Lawrence? I always thought he was the biggest.

Second, this reminds me a lot of a previous article Chad wrote about Doug being "drawn to 'difficult projects'" regarding the Wal-Mart: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2003/oct...

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City Commissioner Aron Cromwell discusses how business background will help his expected tenure as mayor

Bioscience is the new "in"-dustry. It's hip to be a bioscience town, Merril! Duh! Our leaders are convinced bioscience is the answer to transforming Lawrence into the next Boulder and getting the best of both the "cool" city and a city with booming growth. Growth that wouldn't compromise our identity!

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow draws huge crowd to Free State Brewery in downtown Lawrence

Kansas was not the first state to allow women to vote...


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23rd Street reopens after injury accident at Massachusetts Street intersection

This intersection has to be the most dangerous in the city. Though I have enjoyed the opportunity to turn north on Mass from eastbound 23rd (a left turn) during the "left turn yield on green" this maneuver turning left from 23rd seems to be the most dangerous turn in the city. I went through this intersection daily last year and would regularly see people running red lights, barely avoiding collisions while turning left, and let's not forget people who turn left from Mass north of 23rd while people from south of 23rd are turning right though they must yield to oncoming traffic during their green lights.

Can we please make this intersection "left turn on green arrow only" already? Come on! I mean, come on!

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Lawrence lands No. 9 spot in ranking of top 10 college communities

Notice the quasi-liminal references to a development-oriented agenda? How badly we need to create jobs...

“It is a great reflection of the total community that people in Lawrence know about, but that isn’t as well known in other parts of the country,” said Tom Kern, president of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. “These type of rankings really help expand our reputation outside of the state of Kansas."

Our reputation...

The report, though, did show Lawrence ranked low on a pair of key economic categories. Lawrence ranked 14th out of 20 for earning potential, and 12th out of 20 for the amount of entrepreneurial activity in the community.

again... need to build (approve more land development)

Lawrence dropped all the way to 14th in the per capita income ranking. Lawrence was at $31,443. Dropped all the way from what last year?

Not that I don't agree that there is a shortage of quality jobs, but hope you don't miss the theme.

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Interchange intervention

Compromise was never part of the initial push on this land. For all the talk of involving stakeholders in the planning process, this one was pushed through completely against the wishes of the neighbors. Beyond concerns of the neighbors, the fiscal issue of who will ultimately pay for the extension of infrastructure was never discussed. The developers assured the city they were not asking for water or sewer line extensions (this was the supposed concession), but we didn't ask for or even discuss an agreement in writing that the developers would pay for these improvements. Odds are, the city will have to pay for them, or else someone will threaten to go elsewhere. If they had that and an idea of what the development would look like, rather than blankly stating they had no plans and no tenants at time of annexation, maybe the neighbors wouldn't have been so upset. Now, realizing this lawsuit is going to drag out and be more than just a thorn in our side, we talk about conversations? Maybe we should have considred these people we tried to strong-arm from the get-go to be partners, rather than simply Not-In-My-Back-Yard curmudgeons who simply didn't want to play ball. It seemed the attitude from the start (Schwadas, their attorneys, and some at the city) was to push this through and forget the neighbors.

To Ron Schneider - way to grind this suit out, looks like you've got the Chamber by the b*lls.

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Judge sentences Kansas City man to 12 months probation for actions leading to lockdown of KU's McCollum Hall

It's just too easy to be policing grammer on here.

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Judge sentences Kansas City man to 12 months probation for actions leading to lockdown of KU's McCollum Hall

Agreed. The LPD is something we can be proud of. They're good people and in my experience they are very respectful. Some may think they're too soft, but in my opinion far better than in Topeka or KC.

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Every business in Lawrence could have sales tax sign

Merril, I'm getting VERY tired of you cutting and pasting the same articles over and over. I think anyone who reads the articles about city hall has seen them already, so.... rest assured you can stop at any time.

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Every business in Lawrence could have sales tax sign

Agreed! Johnson is SO far to the side of business over the public.

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