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After a long wait, Lawrence to once again have a Veterans Day parade

I'm happy to see that Lawrence is planning a Veteran's Day parade this year and I hope area veterans take advantage and sign up to participate. I especially hope Vietnam-era vets do as well. As a veteran myself, I plan to participate.

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After discovering extensive flood damage, Midland Railway asks county about eligibility for disaster aid

If this storm goes Federal, the declaration would be by county. Not sure why Douglas County is involved if the damaged section of track is in Franklin (don't recall if Franklin County was one of those affected and declared by the Governor).

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Local grocery store to highlight power of solar by installing nearly 700 solar panels

"The canopy will incorporate a charging station for an electric car also." So only 1 spot for 1 car to charge? Am I reading this right? And how will they keep non-electric cars from parking there (as is common at Hy-Vee on 23rd)? I presume Chad means multiple spaces.

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Rash of auto burglaries in Lawrence neighborhood had common theme: unlocked doors

I'd also recommend not leaving items in your car, even when stopping for a quick trip to Dillons. If I get called while driving home to make a grocery stop, I pull over when I can and put my briefcase in the trunk so I'm not seen doing so in the park in lot.

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Kobach won't acknowledge that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

I'm afraid that if we went to purely 100% popular vote (and jettison the Electoral College) we'd see national elections (POTUS, VPOTUS) turn more on the coast voters in CA, NY, and the other east coast states. The EC was designed (as I understand it) to serve as a check on that; others reading this may know more than I and can correct/amplify what I've written.

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Apollo 11 bag from Kansas Cosmosphere sells for $1.8 million

It's too bad she couldn't agree on a price so she would get her money back and yet the bag remain in the public domain, such as at the Smithsonian. I wonder what will happen to it now; likely just remain in private hands. Shame on NASA for botching the property sale that let this get away. I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't a big deal with plenty of other problems around yet it is part of our collective history.

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Once popular restaurant chain closes west Lawrence location; more reasons to keep an eye on Lawrence's Kmart distribution center

Does that mean we're going to get a new chicken restaurant in its place?

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Editorial: Gray-Little a true trailblazer

I agree she has been effective as a leader and a true trailblazer. However, the cover article on her this week seemed to give her credit for accomplishments that probably started before her tenure. Should only have to focus on what she did as a leader which is very impressive and effective for KU in the long run.

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A look at a unique eastside housing development and why the city may spend nearly $60K to save a tree in it

Shouldn't "I’ve got a call in to a couple of Parks and Recreation officials..." be "I have a call in..."? I think the late Tom Eblen would agree. Nit-picky, I know.

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Tom Eblen, mentor to a generation of KU journalists, remembered as 'old-school teacher'

I worked on the Kansan as a staff writer and online editor from 1995-97 under Tom's tutelage. I grew to both dread and appreciate his red pen edits each morning. He always wanted us to be the best at our chosen profession. In the years since I have taken a different path yet still appreciate his quest for excellence that he instilled in all who worked with him. RIP Tom Eblen.

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