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Person missing after boating accident identified as 18-year-old Gardner man; search continues at lake

This is very tragic and sadly perhaps could have been prevented. It appears neither was wearing a lifejacket. I spent some time in my early career conducting search and rescue operations (SAR) with the Coast Guard. More often than not those who drowned weren't wearing a lifejacket (or Personal Flotation Device, PFD). If they went into the water and weren't injured or otherwise incapacitated, wearing a lifejacket was often the saving element. My condolences and prayers to the family/ies of these two people. Hopefully others who spend time on area lakes or the river will remember this incident when they go out on the water.

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War historian says lessons from Pearl Harbor resonate in today's world

Legally, it isn't the President who declares war, it's the Congress. Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution says "Congress shall have power to ... declare War". In his "day of infamy" speech before a joint session of Congress on Dec. 8, Pres. Roosevelt asked the Congress to declare war which it did. He subsequently signed the declaration of war. Incidentally, that was the last time Congress has exercised that power; it didn't declare war in Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq, or Afghanistan. The president has gone to Congress for authorizations on the use of force. It's a big murkier when it comes to Korea and Pres. Truman's decision to commit US forces there to repel the North Korean invasion.

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Local NAACP leaders express 'extreme disappointment' with district's handling of South incident

We all need to be careful of what we think and say. "Circle the wagons" is of course a derogatory image to draw upon.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

I, too, am surprised at the staff not hired. Enjoyed working (briefly) with Ann on letters I submitted. Losing Mike Yoder and Richard Gwin a loss, hope they find worthwhile employment where their skills are appreciated. Perhaps now the LJW will refer to it as the University of Kansas as it did in this story and not the outdated Kansas University.

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Lawrence school district proposes iPads for all middle school students

iPads are great for content consumption (see Netflix) and I've liked having mine for use on travel to watch a movie in the hotel at night during a business trip. They aren't great for content production. I also have a work iPad and while it does have a key board in the case so typing emails is easier, I can't see ever producing a long document such as a 3-4 page book review or other essay product at school. Again, content consumption will work great on an iPad such as blended learning videos and other content (although not a complete fan of blended learning it is here to stay). Like a previous commentator I'd question the long-term maintenance issues involved in supporting 2,000+ iPads in the hands of 10-13 year olds.

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Letter: Path to war

It sure does seem like non-stop war. Thinking we could import democracy (at least our style ) into the Middle East is pure fantasy; they have to truly want it and don't seem that inclined at least among Arab/Islamic states. Israel, for its faults, at least tries and it too has been challenged.

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KU Today: Throwback Coke bottles commemorate KU 150

Really? You can't buy these special bottles except on campus? Too bad, think many in Lawrence with a former affiliation to KU (they are called alumni after all) and who don't/can't get on campus would like one.

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Letter: Learning tools

I also would like to stress that my son's teacher did meet with us when we requested and was working as best as possible to make the process work. It was a new program for everyone involved.

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Letter: Learning tools

The LJW story quoted that 70% of parents were pleased with blended learning results their child had accomplished. We met with the teacher and she explained the process to us. There were changes mid-year (material to download went from one website to another) , passwords sometimes didn't work. He did approach the teacher; admittedly our bad in not being more aggressive with this when we became aware of the issues he was facing in the classroom.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Questions arise over claims of veteran featured in column

Scott, well said dose of reality. Most of us don't know the full story so we should let the facts speak for themselves. And while Chad appears to have given Mr. Barnett a chance to clear the record, he should also be offered the chance to respond to Chad's article.

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