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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Questions arise over claims of veteran featured in column

Scott, well said dose of reality. Most of us don't know the full story so we should let the facts speak for themselves. And while Chad appears to have given Mr. Barnett a chance to clear the record, he should also be offered the chance to respond to Chad's article.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Questions arise over claims of veteran featured in column

I commend Chad Lawhorn for coming forward once his suspicions became too much to ignore. The Stolen Valor issue is a travesty, pure and simple. As the son of a veteran, the brother of one, and one myself I will never understand the mindset that drives someone to put forward something they aren't. I served in Operation Desert Storm albeit for 3 months. I was there during that name operation (yep, and I have the medal) yet don't put myself forward as a veteran of the Persian Gulf War; the shooting had long since stopped by the time I touched down in Bahrain. True veterans are often more circumspect about their experiences; especially those who were in combat. My Dad was one of those types, rarely talking in detail about his two years in Vietnam. Although he had some close calls he never saw combat and never put himself forward like that. Shame on these false veterans or veterans who inflate themselves.

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Saturday Column: D-Day beaches spur thoughts on the ‘costs’ of war

Great perspective piece, would like to learn more about the author's father's experience at the post-war Nazi trials in Nuremberg. We tend to forget, with the passage of time and the merging of world economies and societies through the internet and social media, how horrific and huge WWII was for all nations involved. It was like a giant black maw that consumes everything that comes close to it. And the Nazi government and its military were really, really bad on so many fronts. I've been to Omaha Beach and can understand his take away from that experience.

One small correction - author states the invasion of Normandy "was greater than any other invasion anywhere." Should perhaps be "greater than any other invasion anywhere up to that point." The invasion of Okinawa on Apr 1, 1945 (Operation Iceberg) was larger - over 180,000 troops (Army and Marine Corps) were in the initial assault. And read up on the planned two-phased Operation Downfall - the invasion plan for the Japanese home islands. It would have dwarfed them all if it had come to pass. The latter part of the Pacific War (with the exception of Iwo Jima and the atomic bombs) tends to get overlooked.

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Column: Royals deserve admiration reserved for championship teams

They absolutely deserve to be called champions and not just because they are the 2014 AL Champions but because of their tenacity, focus, love of the game, and how they continued to outpeform what the naysayers said. Bravo Zulu to them for their first post-season experience - us included - since 1985.

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Letter: Humanitarian efforts

Generalizations typically don't serve any purpose due to how inaccurate they are. The recent scandal with the VA and patient lists is unacceptable. Government touches our lives in more ways than people realize, from the public library to police and fire to unemployment checks if needed. Total agree with Leslie - if you want change then vote.

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Journal-World carriers working to deliver papers in snow

No mail yesterday and no paper today, not sure about mail. Our cul de sac isn't plowed and it took 3 days to do so in Xmas storm of 2009. We used to tip our carrier for porch delivery but when LJW decided (really) to add $5 for porch delivery, we stopped and just grab it off the driveway. Couldn't believe they actually added that kind of charge.

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Foot of snow stops Lawrence cold; schools, KU, others cancel Friday classes and activities

Hmmm, how can the headline state Lawrence received a "foot of snow" which by my memory is 12 inches and the story states that the storm left "8 to 10 inches on the ground..."?

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Local treasure lost

I no longer work at KPR; was only a grad school internship. Interview was analog (old style reel-to-reel). Recommend contacting KPR News staff to see if they can post it due to Dr. Friedman's recent passing. As for J. Schafer.

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Happy campers: Den 1 from Cub Scout Pack 3059 of Lawrence, sponsored by the First Presbyterian Churc

Way to go Pack 3059! I know how much fun Webelos Camp and so am glad you all had a chance to go.

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Douglas County Kids Voting results look just like local adult ballot results

We wished we'd known where the Kids Voting was conducted. Thinking it was at our polling place, a local church, our kids were disappointed when it wasn't set up there; we were told by a polling official it was only at schools (and don't know if that is correct). It's a great program all kids should have an opportunity to experience.

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