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Forget the strikeouts; Self's still landing top recruits

being a high school basketball talent is no guarantee of success at the college level or in a given basketball program. Everything from academics and injury, willingness to learn or team compatibility or one-and-done impact who is recruited and who remains in the program. It was someone's opinion that a given student should be a McDonald's all-American; then, what was the difference between the next person in line who did not make the list?

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Athletes need support

please support the team. I plan to watch the game irrespective of the score from my Omaha NE home. Yes, a true Jawhawk amidts Big Red country. A few years back when Nebraska was loosing, Husker fans supported the team in Lincoln. For Kansas to make its mark and gain exposure, the fans need to fill the stands and show their support to the country. Jawhawks improve every game and the return to prominence is around the corner. I believe in Coach Gill.

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Josh Selby bids KU adieu

his contributions to KU were none and done. Didn't fit the KU mold and an embarrassment to his fellow players and the University.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

Congratulations to the twins; they deserve to move forward. It was great watching raise the bar at KU Basketball

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Hitting his stride: Josh Selby answering call to be aggressive

seems like he has a long ways to go. Yes he has been dynamic but inconsistent. He needs at least one more year of skill development under Coach Self even before he considers a NBA career.

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