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Olive Garden’s future cloudy after board rejects financial incentives

Will NOW fall into disrepair? Have you seen it lately? That is about as bad as it gets. Lawrence doesn't need an olive garden that badly, there is a locally run Italian restaurant across Iowa street even!

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Gary Bedore’s notebook

Transfers no longer automatically lose a year of eligibility. They ARE required to sit out a year, but they also can (and most do) take a red-shirt during their sit-out year. For examples of this see Rodrick Stewart and Jeff Withey, both of whom transfered after one semester of their freshman years, and sat out 2 semesters, then started their careers at KU as second semester freshmen. (Withey is just a sophomore this year).

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Coaches excited about freshmen moving

Don't say less kids get to PARTICIPATE. Less kids get to START games. the same number of kids can participate, and do so under the direction of the high school coaching staff, against high-school caliber competition. One of the best ways to get better at sports is to train against people who are a little bit better than you, it raises your level of play pretty quickly.

Kids in sports that are not offered at the junior high level (Soccer, for example) have already been doing this for years, and yes the transportation of kids is an issue, but the parents made it work. There was a group of 5 or 6 of us from West Junior High who played soccer at Free State and our parents set up a carpool system.

Plus, parents of athletes who don't just play the school offered sports are already used to hauling their kids and teammates to practices and often to Kansas City for competitions. Surely getting the kids from the junior highs to the high schools can't be that big of an issue.

Also, as 9th graders, most kids should/could have a learner's permit, and driving to school related activities (such as a school sponsored sport) should be covered under the limits of the learner's permit, right?

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Four-star running back Bourbon commits to Kansas

Iowa State's not a good example... I know we beat them but they went to and won a bowl game... while we all know what happened to our football season...

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Statehouse Live: Parkinson urges tax increase; 2 JoCo Republicans propose liquor hike; business unhappy with tax talk

would people really spend THAT much less money if the sales tax was 1 more cent? that blows my mind! the city sales tax rose half a cent, and I barely noticed! (on a part time job/student budget!)

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The real Royals ratings

You should probably at least get Verlander's name right if you are going to vote for him for CY Young over the OBVIOUS choice of Greinkie. He is JUSTIN. Not Jason.

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Lawrence police searching for suspect in armed robbery of Conoco store

why do that have that ridiculous sign hanging right in the way of where customer's/robber's heads are? that seems like one of the most ridiculous things ever.

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Tuition break

something tells me they could have done something with all that money to improve the quality of education of those students by more than $50/student. A new computer lab, better equipment for gen-ed classes, etc. $50 in college is half of a textbook now... so it seems it could have gone farther used in one big chunk rather than 7500 smaller chunks.

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Round Corner Drug, Cheese Shoppe closes

how do all of those loyal local shoppers feel about having to either go to walgreens to get their scripts or having to transfer away from walgreens? I guess a corporate pharm would be the one willing to buy all those scripts.

keep your prescriptions local. If you want the type of personal care that Round Corner offered, Orchards Drug is excellent, as are Jayhawk, Medical Arts, and Sigler.

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Songs With the Name of A State or City In Their Title or Lyrics

"The Vast Spoils Of America"

There's something sweet about seeing the world
There's something great about Kansas
It's like staring across an ocean
Like seeing the first stars burn white
Through the swamp and trees of Southern night
Oh, I'll always have those mornings in
California where the mountains climb so tall
And waves crash blue around you
When everyone's passed out in the van
And I'm the one driving through the land
Alone in open roading
Ted's out in the seat right next to me
He's drooling on his sleeve
Who ever made up open skies and two of the bluest eyes
Must be some young phenom
Sometimes taking off can open up your eyes
To everything that lies in your heart
'Cause that's when you miss your home
And the trees seem a little deader
I think we're getting back tonight
Would you care if I came over?
I've missed you about three weeks now
I'm dying just to taste your lips
Could we stomp around your back yard
And wreck our clothes in the mud?

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