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Letter: Best police site

Hi Amy
Multi millions is an exaggeration , but profit is not a dirty word. That being said, I truly believe it would have made sense from a tax payer point of view. I have lived here for 53 years, I love Lawrence and I really believe this site would have been a great site, also cheaper than the current ideas. I don't claim to understand police building architecture , but it basically is a big secure office with areas for storage and some public interaction. This site was in my mind very adaptable. Our numbers for retrofitting the building were in my mind very generous and would likely come in far less costly to the tax payer than a new build. The site is central, it has covered parking( city owned) and the land is owned by the city. We are fine, it is cash flowing positive, this was not an attempt to ditch a bad property. We will continue to redeveloped the entire block. I truly thought this was a good idea, same for the library being there, but hey I lost. I love Lawrence and will continue to live here and try and make it better

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Letter: Best police site

Yes i am. We submitted a proposal for the police station, but it was turned down. https://www.facebook.com/lawrencerive...

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Letter: Best police site

I sure wish they would have given Riverfront more consideration, 90,000 ft with covered parking on city owned land, downtown

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Lawrence school board eyes other sites for career and technical education center

We have tried to show the city/chamber and school district the 30k square feet of needs and the estimated 60-70k square feet of Adult Vo-Tech needs can be cost efficiently met at the Riverfront building. Big open floor plan, extremely cost efficient to up-fit for classroom and demonstration space, all on city land, with city owned parking deck. Honestly they appear to have zero interest. They believe the weight load of big hands on stuff, ie engine,s air compressors etc, would be too much for the building , even though 45 thousand feet of space is on ground level huge concrete slab

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City ends negotiations to purchase Abe & Jake's building next to City Hall

The police requested covered parking, it has it. On just the west side the 66,000 feet offered at 6 million should be a value vs the 30 or 40 million tab being talked about for same space needs. I know I am not an architect but, it is basically a large office, big flat open spaces , lots of small offices, shouldn't take to much retro to make it a police station, heck double the purchase price and at 12 million it is still a huge savings to the tax payer, on city owned land, with lots of parking. Wibur thinks it is old, the bottom floor has been remodeled several times most recently this year, the top floor was completely remodeled a couple years ago, works great for the current tenants. The only thing i have heard is it is not Class A space, since when, in these times do city offices need to be Class A rated spaces

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City ends negotiations to purchase Abe & Jake's building next to City Hall

not a money pit, sorry you have so many negative opinions about the paper, but the building should have been the library and could be the police station, and would save the tax payers of this city one hell of a lot of money, yep, i would make a profit as well , but the tax payers would save millions

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Town Talk: More about the proposed N.W. Lawrence sports complex, and why Lawrence shouldn't try to be Olathe

I am sure I don't understand the lawrence flood plan maps, but I think map 39 show the Farmland property to be at the 500 yr level, I assume that can be mitigated fairly easily

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Town Talk: More about the proposed N.W. Lawrence sports complex, and why Lawrence shouldn't try to be Olathe

To beat a dead horse, has the city given a real look at the cost savings the farmland site offers. On 15th street there exist on city owned land a 200,000 foot concrete pad, wide enough for basketball, volleyball, and many other uses. Sure the building is in need of repair. Infrastructure is very close, arterial streets serve the site, it has several hundred flat acres the university could build on, and we have already identified this site is a key factor in our future economic growth, close to where the new SLT will connect with K-10, much closer to downtown . Sure seems worth a look

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City looks at options for new rec center property

Farmland with 23rd and 15th street access , large amount of land already owned by city, much closer to infrastructure , 15th needs work anyway, huge 200k building concrete pad already in existence , closer to the kc/desoto growth corridor , sure seems like this should get a good look

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Rec center support

yep, i assume infrastructure extensions would be less expensive than the mileage to SLT, we already own it, several arterial streets contect to it and that 400 acre tract is where we are supposedly focusing our future growth hopes on

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