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Do you believe that child molesters can be rehabilitated?

I love that you just make up whatever you want topflight. Liberals don't want law enforcement or courts? I've heard Republicans want to eat puppies and kittens because they like taste and wanted the to declare war on the entire world for oil. Oh wait, number two is partially correct.

I think these repeat offenders should be jailed for life or executed if their crimes are more serious especially if they say they can't be rehabilitated.

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What is your opinion of beauty pageants?

The only reason why you think they scream oppression Lulu is because your ugly and you could never be in one. The women in the contest aren't forced into anything, they choose to do it. Ask them if they feel discriminated against, guarantee they would say no.

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Do you think Terri Schiavo should be allowed to die?

I think they should keep her alive forever. Cart her off to capitol hill and stick all kinds of feeding tubes and iv's in her. Get her a mechanical heart, hook her up to oxygen and let her live at least until she's 150 years old.

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What are you doing for spring break vacation?

He tried to get stuff started by dissing the hawks so I figured I'd make about as stupid of a comment that he made.

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What are you doing for spring break vacation?

No matter what you think molesting children is not a job nor never will be a job. Just because Michael and Priests do it doesn't make it ok for you.

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Should Kansas import prescription drugs from Canada if the U.S.D.A. cannot guarantee the drugs are safe?

Badger: While I applaude you on knowing what a chiral compound is, there is no real difference like you say might exist between a brand and generic or a drug from this country vs. a foreign drug. Ibuprofen is ibuprofen, no difference. I'm no chemist but am a pharmacist here in lawrence. A generic drug has to prove that is has similar absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion that the brand name compound has. Where drug companies you chirality is in extending patents and making billions of more dollars. Celexa vs. Lexapro - same company, lexapro is just the active isomer of Celexa. Nexium vs. Prilosec - same concept, Nexium is the active isomer of Prilosec. Many other drugs use this same concept. Canadian drugs if bought from reputable sources is the same as American drugs, hell they are the same drugs made at the same plants. We need to reform the drug companies in the US first before we start outsourcing to Canada. Drug companies make a better profit than almost any other industry.

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Do you think that people who are transsexual should be an exception to the Kansas law banning same-sex marriage?

If people truely think that getting married is something you do before the eyes of God then I'll see almost every divorcee in Hell for lying to God, instead of till death do us part they should change that to till we get tired of each other.

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What is the longest period of time that you would wait in line for Kansas University basketball tickets?

Wow Mr. Cairo, very intelligent comments. Especially coming from a child molester.

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Have you seen any ads for political candidates in Kansas that you thought went too far?

I worked in a mental hospital for a month and at least 75% of the schizophrenic patients thought god was talking to them. It's usually not a good thing to hear from voices when they aren't actually there.

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