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KU student sues Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, alleging underage drinking led to head injury

Really what needs to change to stop things like this from happening is to lower the drinking age back to 18. Young adults are not getting enough information and modelling from adults on how to responsibly consume alcohol; instead, many go off to college without ever having consumed alcohol. This new substance and experience paired with peer pressure is too much for some 18 year olds to handle. If there was a way for parents to legally introduce their young adult children to alcohol I believe it would be treated with more respect.

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Overland Park man arrested in shooting incident near KU campus

"Typical Lawrence arrogance, assuming shooters were from Tapioca or KC. “Nothing bad ever happens here, all evil comes from somewhere else, all is well, all is well.”"

Lawrence does have bad things that happen, but let's look at the past few incidents. Kid gets shot over drugs, shooter from McClouth. Stabbing downtown, criminal from Topeka. Shooting at the Granada, shooter from Topeka. The only major incident I can recall within the past five years or so that involves a local person, is the student murdered off Michigan street, which was a crazy mixed up drama affair type situation, NOT a senseless or "heat of the moment" crime as those a fore mentioned.

So, yes crime does happen in Lawrence, drugs, drunks, robberies, vandalism, etc. But typically speaking, in those violent to the point of severe injury death, the perpetrator is not local.

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Overland Park man arrested in shooting incident near KU campus

Sounds like the Granada shooting from a couple years back... Is this another thug from Top City wreaking havoc in L-Town?

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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

Growing up in Lawrence, I know that High school house parties are every bit as big and full of alcohol as many college parties. If you make the fraternity dry, they will simply go to a brother's house. The campus is already dry, and there are plenty of parties, easy enough to get into, i know from experience. I also have a friend that died and was resuscitated in the ambulance, in high school, at a college party, nowhere near campus. Alcohol is something that is fun and when used in moderation, safe. You can only pound so much information into youth like myself before we just say, "I'm finally free, now I can drink till i pass out!" Everything is so strict at a young age, our culture has made alcohol into something like an illegal substance. Instead of just a drink with dinner or a couple for fun, it has been turned into something used to get trashed. My fraternity is wet, and so is my campus. We have not had anyone die, and it is because we are responsible, and drink wisely. This situation sucks for a lot of people, but the school and SAE are not to blame as institutions. Individuals, possibly for not taking action, but as parents and older members of the community, think back to your college days, and ask yourself what you and your friends did when one another got to drunk to stand. This was irrisponsible on his part, and not smart by his friends, but the institutions have no responsibility as a whole.

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