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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

That's funny, considering I was in the back of a bar as well. I had no problems figuring out whom each player was.

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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

How blind are you people? How many people are on a basketball team? After 19 games you still cant recognize the same 8 that play almost every game? I can understand football when theres 70+ members to have to memorize, but you all sound like a bunch of spoiled babies. If you cant tell who the person on the court is at this point in the season, then you're a lost cause.

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Kansas men's basketball schedules Buffs for home-and-home

Allen Fieldhouse West were coming back!!!

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Jeff Withey-Elijah Johnson next 1-2 punch?

Didn't win at all? Kentucky has gone farther than KU every year since Cal has coached there. Also, to whoever made the comment up there, Xavier played the 3, something Elijah has never done. You might be able to say Selby, but you'd look dumb going there too considering he was suspended early. It's more of Elijah didn't take control of his own destiny. We noticed his emergence when Tyshawn got suspended.

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'I'm still here': Tyshawn Taylor’s story marked by adversity

@mustrun, it must suck to live in a world where everyday you wake up and have to hate everything. Without Tyshawn we don't win the Mizzou game. He has led this team like a senior should. He's made his mistakes, but he is a completely different player than the beginning of the season.

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Jayhawks land two recruits, lose one

Tyree Williams committted today.

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

400 lb man saying stop, 200 lb man saying stop..... IMHO I dont think it'll make a difference, by saying stop your just gonna fuel more people.

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

Well you could go with the stretch that both KU fball and the Chiefs are going the "Patriot" way... Or you could just say they're doing things like Bill Parcells, but people forget thats who most of these "Patriot" way people learned it from.

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

Plain and simple, without the slaughtering of "Chiefs," we wouldnt be able to celebrate the "brave." Im not confused on our American History. Other people are naive and negligent of it. If you want to be offended by something, check out human trafficking. It happens a lot closer to home than you want to believe. As for this, I'll continue to use my freedoms as long as I can, and continue to say "home of the Chiefs" at whatever sporting event I so choose! Rock Chalk!!!!

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