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Calling his shot? McLemore's banked-in 3 saves KU in 97-89 OT win

Elijah Johnson needs to be on bench..he turns it over more than Tyshawn did.lbut he misses shots that makes it even more..bench him

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Beaver fever: Self searching for answers on D after close win over Oregon State

Elijah Johnson is the problem on both sides of the ball..maybe bench him for a game or a few games..he is trying to prove he's better than tyshawn ..and that's not great either..maybe free drinks at Brothers is the problem...

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Black and blue: KU drubbed by Iowa State, 51-23, in final home game

again the dbacks and dline had no impact...

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Opinion: Tony Pierson represents hope for KU football

keegan you had ku winning it all before the season starts, as you see you know squat..the kansas defense was horrible all year the dbacks, d line, offensive had to work to hard for points, it was like that all year..so go report on the east lawrence news, you big fat donkey

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Kansas men eager to play again

elijah johnson blew that game, he is trying to showboat to much...yeah he can hit a three every now and then but then lose the ball later , or miss a layup, or try a stupid shot..I heard you can do that at veterans park?..but not on the court of the game....his mistakes will cost us many games...watch...

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Who checks employee work stations at Haskell Indian Nations University?

This is also bonus time...the same people get a bonus every year, and it's the worst employees..who did nothing and get one....and people who do a lot are given nothing..the top 10% of budgets are given away to people for bonuses ...why..that money should go to students..like for new books, computer upgrades..better food! Instead of fried, fried, fried..sounds like the kitchen could use some nutrition classes...yes I dont know why employees could be rewarded for the type of customer service the students receive ....so stop all bonuses and put that $ back into the budget for students...that's what it was there for anyway....

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

Keegan..you wrote a piece early this week on how KU. Will win..you should write for the classifieds garage sales..cause you might get those right

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The Lawrence Journal World persist in having problems getting requested records concerning Haskell Indian Nations University

Grades could of been changed so to keep numbers up in her very useless AIS program....

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Mr. Chris Redman President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS shakes things up.

Friend sounds like a mad employee .since her umbrella is now gone....karma happens...and when I go for my stroll this morning...all you have to do is listen....

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Mr. Chris Redman President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS shakes things up.

In other words..we're gonna move you to DC to sit in a corner and do nothing...be sure Venda to cry to people like u did about Warner ..you got called again on something that you said you could do..wrong..you failed worst than Warner or Martin or swisher ever could..what about your ais teachers giving students grades they did not earn ..Jgf is one

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