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Lawrence drivers seem to lack need for speed

The author definitely has a point about Iowa St though... it is horrendously slow compared to over streets mentioned (9th, Waka, plus 15th/Bob Billings)... I think it has to do with demographics... Students around campus, younger upper income types out west in their SUVs (both in a great big hurry), and more older folks cruising up and down Iowa.

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Immigrant challenges entitlement society

George doesn't seem to like the non-European variety of American immigrants. From Saturday:

"From 1990 to 2004, Hispanics accounted for 92 percent of the increase in poor people. Only 53 percent of Hispanics earn high school diplomas, the lowest among American ethnic groups. Half of all children born to Hispanic Americans in 2005 were born out of wedlock -- a reliable predictor of social pathologies."

Well, I guess I sound smart if I list some census numbers and then leave the impression that hispanics are homogenous and bad. I could even throw in a word meaning "disease" . Nice one, George. Keep hammering away and maybe you can make us some ground on Lou Dobbs, respected American Blow-hard.

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Report: Spy agencies predicted problems

I think it might need new batteries, its overworked these days. Tell the administration to come up with a new, original label for everything they don't like and maybe it won't run down so fast. I'm sure there are lots more loaded words out there that would make highly effective rhetoric.

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Help shunned

Clearly people with differing philosophies are unfit to lend a helping hand to their fellow citizens. I bet they were hoping to stir up support for their evil plan to succeed from the union and form their own anti-government government. Hopefully their bank accounts can be frozen and any charitable donations they've made to the red cross, blood bank, or other disaster relief efforts can be tracked and refused as well. Ahhhh, fear and distrust, right at home in the heartland.

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Anyone notice?

This is the most pathetic excuse for an editorial I have ever seen. Somebody needed to fill some column inches and did so with poor taste and judgment. Looks like something a high school intern would turn in: 3 lines of their own words and a giant quote from a spam email. LJW should be embarassed.

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Governor, utilities promise to rely less on fossil fuels

More wind power, More wind power!

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Irish transplant searches for perfect 'cuppa' in Lawrence

Reminds me of the horror I felt when I realized my idea of coffee didn't exist in Australia during my semester abroad. But the tea was lovely!

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