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NCAA Tournament expansion discussed

I think 68 teams is the only acceptable expansion plan. The play in game is stupid, but only having one instead of four is even worse.

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There's a similar restaurant called the Mixx (based on the article, at least--I haven't been to Ingredient) just off the plaza in KC. Yes, its kinda pricey, but if the quality matches the price, then so be it. Not every restaurant needs to be sub five dollar, student fare!

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Hilton, Libby in same legal boat

Ummm, someone (the author) seems to have forgotten that Edwards wasn't born with millions. He must have lucked into it, since poor people are "unmotivated" "nonstrivers" who don't respect the law. I'm sure the author sleeps well knowing he is better than this "lumpen underclass"... seriously, who says lumpen?

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Truth missing from holiday

This was an excellent editorial before you folks turned into screaming children!

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Scientists: Upright walking trait may have begun in trees

For further reading on this, see the upcoming film, "Evan Almighty". Clearly, science is stupid.

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Assorted mulches meet needs of any homeowner

Mulch, mulch, mulch, i love mulch. Is there a better word than mulch? Doubtful.

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What Sam Brownback really thinks about evolution

Can you say, playing to NY Times readers vs. playing to Fox news viewers????? Sam, I'd love to see a guy from La Cygnes, KS do well, but it ain't gonna happen...

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Shelf life

chutney? seriously?

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'Prayer Booth' art installation knocked over by vandal

Can I buy one of these on the internets?

Maybe the vandal was peeved his prayer (to destroy the sculpture) was not answered, and he had an epiphany that maybe people should do things for themselves rather than wait around for god to take of everything. The man later went on to become a godless liberal who wants to eat your babies.

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Edwards' actions spread phony image

How dare he accept money for his time! Surely none of the other candidates made any money... oh wait, that's okay as long as they don't try to address poverty. I think I will refuse my paycheck today so as not to invalidate my own views on poverty. Much better for Edwards to be poor himself... that way he could do so much more to help poor people by not being president.

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