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Driver cited for running red light in wreck that smashed Liberty Hall storefront; others involved in collision identified

As someone who has worked at that location for several years, I witnessed countless poor choices and bad driving behavior, not least the cheating of right of way by drivers approaching from the West on 7th, just as the light turns green. Rude.

So, what does the citation meted out involve? Because, it should probably be as severe as driving under the influence.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

I'm just a little bit proud to live in the candy ass capital of Kansas. Bobby Fyfe is surely referring to me (we are legion), making mine all the sweeter to eat, y'know.

It certainly adds to our #LFK ethos. Shame about the insulting slang indicating our cognitively disabled.

The greatest pleasure is knowing that finally, finally (finally!) this cut rate crap shack is really & truly going out of business. The years of crying wolf were so very tiring.

Candy! Candy! Candy!

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Opinion: Ferguson, Mo., is not an exception

PItts is 100% right.

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Man displays gun during disturbance in downtown Lawrence

I like folk who post without the veil of anonymity.

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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

"...the 2-year-old cat was rescued by animal control officers from a trap in northern Lawrence and was shot twice."

That reads as if the cat was rescued from the trap, then shot (probably by animal control officers).
Make it plain.

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Police department's 8 new patrol cars feature updated insignia

The Phoenix insignia was so much better.

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Democrats Think We're Slaves

You lost me at, "Medicare and Medicaid are not socialism because the money for them comes from taxes assessed to the general working population."

You do Minitrue proud, sir.

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Health concern

The only reasonable poster here is Jimo.
I'm sorry, but the rest of you are only semi-reasonable, at best.
The city should not be responsible for your neurotic tensions & phobias, letter-writer. Grow up. Buy a shovel or pay $20.00 for some private concern to contract, and remove the current source of your jittery paranoia.

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Joe-College.com to close Wednesday as settlement talks continue with KU, Kansas Athletics

The only reasonable comments are from kansasredlegs and JDiesel04. The majority of what's left said are the usual lacking of pity or compassion that defines our local vox populi.

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Local t-shirt shop to close

I think most of Joe College's stock to be tasteless, trashy and almost totally witless, but, KU's actions have ensured that I will never purchase officially licensed merchandise.
I will continue to proudly wear the colors of red, blue and yellow (Go, Superman! Go, USA!), but nothing emblazoned with a Jayhawk that puts one penny in the coffers of Kansas Athletics and KU. Those who sued Joe College into oblivion would destroy Freedom of Speech for monetary gain, and they are parasites on the University of Kansas and Lawrence. They've severely damaged our unique and symbiotic relationship.
It is censorship, pure and simple.
Perhaps the effort is in vain, but I will seek a t-shirt to buy at Joe College before Wednesday. I mean, they can't ALL be as bad as the window displays, right?

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