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KU study explores widening political divide related to gun ownership

My gun safe and voting history do not support this guy's conclusions :)

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Regents nix backpack clause from KU’s concealed carry policy, saying requirement is too restrictive for gun carriers

Probably not deliberately that...... rather, just written by someone who has zero understanding of how guns work, and even less inclination to learn such prior to writing regulations. Ditto for the "...with safety on...." and "....without a chambered round...." pieces regarding semiautos.

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House panel puts more focus on at-risk and bilingual students in school funding bill

So.....rather than actually funding schools adequately, Aurand wants to micromanage local (democratically-elected) school boards' use of their own (locally-generated) property tax dollars in order to create the illusion that the state has complied with the ruling of the KS Supreme Court. Gee,....who could have predicted this from him......

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Conservative legal group to push for school choice in Kansas

Funny, Bob. I like how when progressives want public money to pay for things like healthcare or food for impoverished children it's "socialism" and "re-distribution of wealth;" but when conservatives want public money to send their own kid to private school, it's "freedom." Can you explain that?

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Conservative legal group to push for school choice in Kansas

The headline is wrong. It should read "Kochtopus grows new arm to boost efforts to siphon public money off into private profits."

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Spicer apologizes for ‘insensitive’ reference to Holocaust

“I think when you come to sarin gas, there was no, he (Hitler) was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing,” Spicer said

See that? Read closely......"not using gas on HIS OWN PEOPLE...."

In Trump/Spicer/PresidentBannon World, Hitler wasn't gassing his own people (or people at all, for that matter....). He was gassing Jews. Not people, and certainly not "our" people, in HitlerWorld or TrumpWorld. That's why such outlandish statements make perfect sense in TrumpWorld, and why Spicer has such difficulty "apologizing", or even clarifying what he meant. He said exactly what he meant and he still can't comprehend why anyone would be upset, or say it wasn't true.

Betcha can't falsify that hypothesis.

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Letter to the editor: Support bond issue

If you own property valued at $200K, it would cost you about $5/month.

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House panel considers more disclosure requirements for abortion providers

Funny how the party of "get government regulations out of the way of business" is all about government regulation when they use it to harass businesses they don't like.

It's almost as if they have no integrity whatsoever......

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Kobach argues for authority to split elections to enforce citizenship rule, claims as many as 18,000 noncitizens on voter rolls

Hey Kobach.....you say there are 18,000 non-citizens on Kansas voter rolls? OK, then use your power to prosecute voter fraud and start prosecuting them. No? Not a single prosecution out of 18,000? Why not? Maybe it's because you got that number out of the same dark orifice where you get the rest of your delusions.

Shameless liar.

That being said, this entire charade is pure political theater. Federal courts have already ruled that Kobach has no authority to implement a 2-tier voting system. Passing a state law that says he can won't change that. These yahoos need to repeat middle school civics class.

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