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Lawmakers review whether same-sex couples should be foster parents

The "research" cited by these few homophobic legislators, who can't seem to understand let alone accept the law of the land, has been soundly debunked. Basically, it was conducted by organization(s) that might as well change their name to "Homophobes-R-Us."

That being said, it doesn't matter what the research says. Research tells us that men are more likely to commit violent crimes than women. How about we just ban men from owning guns? No? Of course not. That would be unconstitutional.

The US Constitution says you can't treat people differently under the law. This includes marriage laws and all the rights and privileges that come with marriage. So, the state government cannot discriminate against same-sex couples. The Knox/O'Brien/Hoffman Bigot Brigade doesn't have to like it.


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Lawrence planning commission recommends denial of proposed shooting range near school

The only thing more illogical than denying this is the entire Gun-Free School Zones Act itself (which, btw, was signed into law by a GOP POTUS, then almost immediately ruled unconstitutional, then modified to create the illusion that it relates to interstate commerce, and it has stood as such ever since, but....I digress....).

Show me a single instance of gun violence or accident at a school that happened because of the proximity of a gun store/range, that would not have happened if the gun store/range had been 240 feet further away from the school.

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Kansas legislators get 8.5 percent raise in allowance

And let's not forget that the same folks who are drawing a full-time pension for only working 90 days are currently attacking teachers' unions' local presidents who have part-time release from teaching to perform their union duties.

These teachers serving as local presidents are paid a full-time salary - this is part of their negotiated contract. And, these teachers still PAY their share into KPERS based on their FULL TIME salaries. Yet some legislators, who have no trouble at all giving themselves a full time pension for part time work, are accusing these teachers (only a handful of people across the state) of gaming the system.

Almost makes one wonder who these yahoo legislators are working FOR. Sure can't be We the People.

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Dear KU students: What do you really think about guns in your classroom or dorm?

No, they don't. As Lawrence so eloquently pointed out, the well-regulated MILITIA is desirable. So, the militia should be regulated if and when it is needed. Meanwhile, the people should have their own arms. Nothing in there about regulating the arms or the people.

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Dear KU students: What do you really think about guns in your classroom or dorm?

I am 100% in favor of firearms training for everyone, as part of the state's high school curriculum. Required for graduation. Making individuals pay for training on their own = poll tax. And, btw, I think we also need to guarantee and require voter registration of all our high school seniors.

(...sits back and watches all the heads explode on both extreme ends of the political spectrum....).

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Dear KU students: What do you really think about guns in your classroom or dorm?

Any person who has been involuntarily committed is already prohibited from possessing guns (Federal gun control act of 1968).

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Dear KU students: What do you really think about guns in your classroom or dorm?

The Bill of Rights is not a list of special permissions granted by government. Rather, places specific limitations on the power of government. So, Einstein, please explain what that rationale statement does as far as placing specific limits on the power of government.

Let me help: absolutely nothing. It simply explains why it is desirable to not disarm the populace.

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Dear KU students: What do you really think about guns in your classroom or dorm?

Kristine, if voting isn't a right then why is the right to vote mentioned five times in the US Constitution?

If you only support the right to bear muskets, does that mean we can also outlaw free speech across the globe by electronic means? Surely our founding fathers had no idea how far speech could spread in a matter of seconds when they drafted the 1st Amendment.....

BTW, when the 2nd Amendment was written, ALL guns were "military style." And, if you can reload a musket in 30 seconds....I'd love to see you do it.

Oh, and since you seem to hate semi-automatic weapons so much can you please define "semi-automatic" for us? Just curious to see if you can.....

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Kansas pensions committee mulls changes to retirement program to alleviate teacher shortage

There are no "hard to fill" positions. What we have are "hard to fill at current levels of compensation relative to the required workload" positions.

I'm growing weary of all these games with band-aids and duct tape, pushing peanuts from one pile to another. Here's a better idea: how about we just fund public education properly so that school districts can offer salaries that will attract and retain teachers?

If the starting salary were $100,000, there would be no "hard to fill" positions.

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