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Kansas lawmakers seek data on school board members

C'mon, Kansans. Pay attention to what your (well, Koch's) legislature is up to.

"House Bill 2345, which would restrict a person from serving on a local school board if his or her spouse, parent or sibling worked for any school district in the state."

In other words, nobody who comes from a family that is likely to value public education is allowed to serve on a local board of education. This is a blatant attack on public education, and part of a larger plan to stack local boards with Koch-ALEC puppets. Not to mention the fact that it is likely unconstitutional to so arbitrarily limit the ability of local communities to elect representatives of their own choosing.

"Holmes sent out an email last session about another bill, decrying the influence of the teachers union on local school boards."

Pay close attention here, folks. Holmes apparently fails to grasp the concepts of peaceable assembly (such as joining a union) and petitioning the government (such as a local school board). You know, that pesky 1st Amendment stuff.

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Lawrence school district sees unexpected increase in student enrollment, larger classes

249 more students.

If a law firm took on 249 more clients, they would also take in more money. If a medical facility took in 249 more patients, they would also take in more money. If Roto-rooter fixed 249 more toilets, they would also take in more money.

But Lawrence's public schools, having taken on 249 more students, gets.....blockhead school defunding grants equating to less money per student.

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Lawmakers begin interviewing efficiency experts for possible $3 million contract

"closed-door meetings to protect confidential trade secrets of private businesses."

I assume that by "confidential trade secrets" they mean "how much we will give to your campaigns later if you select our company now for this shameless and blatant handout of public funds to private profits for a service amounting to absolutely nothing."

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District adding laptops after concerns of unequal access to digital textbooks

I think Matthew's point is spot-on. A couple more thoughts....

It's more than just Algebra I and AP History that are limited to 13 books. All the AP sciences, for example, get 13 books - total. It was made clear well over a year ago that it was 13 per course, not per section.

That being said, I wonder (since it wasn't reported here in the JW) how many teachers (the folks actually working directly with students, and who thus know what students need) were consulted before the district decided to go online instead of supplying a textbook for every student? And, on the off chance that the number of teachers consulted was zero, I wonder what sort of response teachers might have received if they chose to provide their input in spite of it not being solicited? Just curious....

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Kansas governor links merit pay, school aid

"Brownback says work on a new formula for funding the state's public schools should focus on how local districts spend their money"

Brownback needs to READ the state constitution that he swore to uphold. Specifically, the part in Article 6 which reads:

"Local public schools under the general supervision of the state board of education shall be maintained, developed, and operated by locally-elected boards."

In plain English, it is not within the authority of the legislature or governor to dictate budget decisions at the local level. Not that either of those branches seem to care where their authority ends....

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

You only have to do ANY of those things to buy from a licensed dealer. You can buy from private citizens any time you want, and you don't need to prove citizenship to keep and bear the guns you already own (in spite of the fact that illegal immigrants are prohibited from possessing guns....YOU don't have to prove you AREN'T an illegal immigrant to own yours).

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Kobach debates voter ID laws with KU law professor

Whether there is or is not voter fraud is irrelevant. In this country, people don't have to prove their innocence or pay fees to the government in order to exercise a constitutional right.

Yes, more freedom for all means more people will get away with crimes. Think of this: right now, there are a lot of people doing illegal things inside their homes, cars, places of business, etc. Just think how much crime we could stop if we all agreed to submit to random searches of our homes & such. Who's first? C'mon, voter-ID/proof-of-citizenship folks....step up.

And poll taxes. Didn't we settle that YEARS ago? Birth certificates aren't free. Sure, Kansas might say you can have your KANSAS birth certificate free - if you're using it to register to vote. But try getting your NY, NJ, NE, CA, etc.,....birth certificates for free. Let us know how that goes.

Finally, if there is any doubt at all that this has NOTHING to do with preventing illegal immigrants from voting...., guess what? Illegal immigrants can't have guns, either. So, Kobach & Co., how about a law requiring people with guns to show proof of citizenship upon demand? No? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

Well, DavidKevin GroenhagenReynolds, great job ignoring my point and attempting to deflect the discussion away from it. Perhaps you can show us where the US Constitution protects a "right" to obtain a driver's license?

Once you've done that (take your time....), you might also research the costs associated with getting a birth certificate from out-of-state. Try a few states in the northeast, perhaps. Then, do a little research on poll taxes (and poll taxes by any other name). Then we can have a rational discussion about Kobach's attack on "voter fraud" and what it is he's really up to (as if any rational, self-aware person has any doubt).

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

From the 5th Amendment:

"No person shall...... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;"

In plain English, innocent until proven guilty. So, show me where Kobach gets to deprive people of their voting rights until and unless they prove their innocence?

How about an analogy to help the Kobach-minded folks understand. You're absolutely right that illegal immigrants aren't allowed to vote. Guess what - illegal immigrants aren't allowed to have guns, either. How about we force everyone to prove their legal citizenship before letting them have guns? No? Same thing, folks. The Bill of Rights (and subsequent amendments) is a LIST, not a MENU.

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