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Kobach criticized at hearing over plan to purge Kansas voter rolls

Proof of citizenship costs money. Poll taxes (by whatever name) are unconstitutional. End of story.

True, illegal aliens aren't allowed to vote. Guess what - they're not allowed to buy guns, either. Imagine if we require proof of citizenship for all gun purchases/transfers,.... watch these right wingnut vote-suppressors heads explode :)

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On anniversary of Quantrill's Raid, received knowledge about historic event faces scrutiny

Wow, what a slaughter. Help me remember why it was a slaughter, not a battle? Oh, yeah. The mayor of Lawrence decided that all the guns should be locked up in a centralized armory for safe keeping. No need for people to have their own guns in their own homes.

What's that saying about people who don't learn history?

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Brownback urges schools to move more money into classrooms

The whole "in the classroom" distinction always comes from those trying to berate public schools and/or rationalize insufficient funding.

How much goes "in the classroom" can be whatever anyone labels it to be. Lawrence will pay $65K more for electricity this year (with zero commensurate increase in funding, btw...). Is the Westar bill "in the classroom"?

What about custodial costs? In classroom or not? What about teacher salaries? Yes? How about increases in teacher health insurance premiums?

What about the bus company contract? Clearly NOT spent in the classroom, but kinda important nonetheless.... Ditto food services and much, much more.

Bottom line is, Brownback & Co need to read the state constitution. It isn't the state's job to manage district finances. Local, elected school boards do that. The state's job is to fund local districts, adequately and equitably, and then get out of the way.

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Kansas ends $25 cap on cash benefits from ATMs

I bet the "authority" was given as a way to blame her for imposing the $25 limit; and probably came with a wink-nod that if she actually chose to eliminate the cap, she would find herself in need of public assistance. If anyone can falsify this hypothesis, please do.

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Kansas governor won't be present for budget announcement

My prediction on the $50 million cuts: a shell game to take it all from K-12 while claiming to hold schools harmless. Brownback will send $50 million less pass-through KPERS money to school districts; BUT, still require the current KPERS amount be sent back FROM school districts. Voila! Brownback can then claim he didn't cut KPERS, since the system still gets the same amount, and he can claim he didn't cut K-12 funding, since the block grants remain the same.

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Letter: School collapse

No, Brock. Private schools can't (and won't) educate kids for bsapp. That's not the point of vouchers. The point is yet another way to rig the system for the wealthy. Vouchers = handout of public funds to wealthy folks who send their kids to private schools. Poor folks can't afford private school tuition even with vouchers.

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In wake of ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, Brownback issues executive order on 'religious freedom'

I might believe the whole "religious freedom" excuse if there were even an ounce of logical consistency. Remember when all the good Christians refused to recognize the marriages of divorced couples? Non-virgin brides? Me either. And how about all those clergy refusing to officiate weddings where people wear mixed-fabric clothes? Nope, don't recall that either. What about refusing to provide services for weddings held on Sunday? Nope. You don't see that too much. Profit trumps commandment 4 every time.

Here's a thought: how about all you self-righteous bigots just own your fear and hatred. Just admit your disgust with homosexuality compels you to mistreat gay folks any way you can. Just own your hatred instead of hiding behind religion like a bunch of cowards.

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

And you don't see Jewish grocery cashiers refusing to ring up the bacon on the basis of "religious freedom."

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Kansas gun dealer to pay $132K to woman for selling weapon that felon used to kill her son

Surprised the mom settled for so little cash. If things occurred as the grandmother testified (guy says he's a felon, grandma fills out NICS paperwork, guy hands money to dealer), it would seem that criminal charges and loss of FFL are in order for the shop owner. Charges for grandma, too. More laws won't solve anything if we don't even enforce the laws we have.

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Supreme Court declines to hear Kobach appeal on proof of citizenship

Not everyone has a birth certificate. Birth certificates aren't free. Therefore, requiring a birth certificate = poll tax. This issue was decided long ago. Kobach and his ilk have deliberately ignored the constitution they swore to uphold. They belong in prison.

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