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Kansas Supreme Court accepts latest school funding changes; up next, the adequacy question

Anyone who has paid attention to public school funding recently knows there is a big difference between what the legislature appropriates on paper and what funding schools actually receive, and when.

I predict delays and/or reductions in funding will commence before the end of September.

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Federal appeals court: No right to carry concealed weapons in public

At the time, "militia" referred to We the People who could/should have their own arms; and who could then be called up as needed. The "well-regulated" qualifier refers to the militia, not to We the People or to the arms. And, that entire portion of the sentence is rationale. It is not an operative statement.

The Bill of Rights does not grant special permissions. Rather, it places specific limits on the power of government. In light of that, it should be very clear to anyone with even the most basic understanding of English what the intent was (= what specific limit the 2nd amendment places on the power of government).

But, in case you need it spelled out: Right = a freedom presumed to exist among free people. The people = everyone. Keep = it's mine and you can't have it. Bear = to carry on one's person. Arms = weapons designed to be carried and used by one person. Shall not be infringed = shall not be infringed.

Now before anyone goes off about how the authors only meant muskets, keep in mind that your logic would allow government to prohibit this friendly digital banter we're having right here. After all, surely "free speech" means only un-amplified, un-recorded vocal communication; and "free press" clearly means, literally, printing presses. Nothing more.

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Brownback to call special session to address school funding; no date set

Hey, Dave. I've been meaning to ask you. Why did you block me from posting comments on the KPI Facebook page after I pointed out that a bunch of KPI "non-partisan think-tank" emails were traced to a GOP party server? I thought you KPI folks were all about transparency & such.....

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Brownback to call special session to address school funding; no date set

I predict whatever shell-game nonsense they dream up to "address" the court order will be adorned with attacks on collective bargaining, teacher payroll deductions, due process, and positively medieval restrictions on who can serve on local boards of education. Plus, a good deal of filler to hand public funds over to private, especially religious, schools; disguised of course as "school choice."

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Teachers union and district go back and forth on pay raises, work schedules

Actually, salary is not a sticking point. Both sides agreed to vertical and horizontal movement on the schedule, plus $100 increase in base pay. (And to be clear, that $100 is not bi-weekly or monthly, but annual. Or, about $8.34 per month).

The only real sticking point right now has to do with daily work schedules. This is a mandatorily negotiable topic under state law, and the district is seeking language to allow changes without negotiating them.

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Brownback to call special session to address school funding; no date set

The headline is wrong. It should read "Brownback calls special session to engage in shell-games and political posturing" with a sub-line "legislative actions predicted to have nothing whatsoever to do with Supreme Court order."

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Murder-suicide leaves 2 dead at UCLA, Los Angeles police say

If only we didn't allow guns on campus, this never would have happened. Wait, what?https://www.ucpd.ucla.edu/prevention-education/education/weapons-are-prohibited-on-campus

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Wichita teachers vote for shorter school year, longer day

Sad that it comes to this. When folks in Topeka enacted the block(head) school (de)funding grants, this is exactly what they wanted to do: starve public schools into failure one little step at a time. After a few years, the public gets fed up with the state of their schools and Brownback's privatized-school edu-vulture profiteers will show up with their wagonloads of charter school snake oil. Just watch.

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Lawrence teachers union seeks evaluation feedback 'without fear of reprisal'

"District leaders said a means for teachers to provide feedback is already in place. Currently, principals evaluate assistant principals and district administrators evaluate building principals, said Anna Stubblefield, director of human resources for the district. Stubblefield said that as part of the annual evaluation process, principals send out anonymous surveys to teachers at their schools."

I've taught in this district for 20 years, and have never seen a survey related to administrator evaluation. Nor do I know of any teacher who has.

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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

Exactly. Remember, when a couple folks sued Kobach over this proof-of-citizenship nonsense, he had no trouble at all verifying their citizenship and processing their registrations - in order to avoid having the case go to court, where he knew he would lose.

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