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The birds and bees of ferns: KU professor's research proves mainstream science textbooks wrong

"The ferns’ reproductive cycle, distinguished from other plants by having gametophytes,"

Well.....all plants have gametophytes. That being said, I cannot overstate how refreshing this is to see an article on something going on in our universities that ISN'T sportsball! Keep up the good work, LJW.

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ACLU urges Kansas school district to stop barring safety pins

So.....the SMSD says teacher's (non-verbal, by way of small objects adorning their outfits) communication inside the classroom is "communication on behalf of the district."


I eagerly await, then, the declaration that teachers are not to wear crucifixes or any other religious symbols on their person while on the job. It is unconstitutional, after all, for public schools to endorse or promote any particular religion.

In all seriousness, though, what SMSD really needs is a new superintendent.

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KU campus carry policy moves forward, but specific places where guns would be banned still forthcoming

Do you suppose this applies to KU police officers?

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KU campus carry policy moves forward, but specific places where guns would be banned still forthcoming

So.....they kept that ridiculous "hammer resting on an empty cylinder" requirement for revolvers? Hmm....

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Gun group urges ouster of Kansas Supreme Court justices

"The court is moving to restrict...." Wow. Last time I checked, the courts couldn't write legislation......

It is really unfortunate that organizations which supposedly exist to protect gun rights (an effort I fully support) seem to, without exception, become hijacked by oligarchs who want nothing more than to eliminate the separation of powers. And, such organizations then parrot whatever lies they are told to parrot in pursuit of that end. Sad, sad day.

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Shooting range prepares to locate in eastern Lawrence

No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying the reason the community building gun range was closed had nothing to do with lead contamination. The lead problem was discovered after it closed.

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Shooting range prepares to locate in eastern Lawrence

The community building range was forced to close not because of lead, but because of the unconstitutional abomination known as the federal gun-free school zones act.

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3 arrested in plot targeting Somali immigrants in Kansas

Hey, remember that time when one group of atheists tried to blow up a different bunch of people for being the wrong kind of atheists?

Me either.

Seems to be a common denominator here among terrorists. Probably high time we had some common sense religion control laws.

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Letter to the editor: Condom decision

You're right, Fran, it is the job of public schools to teach students. Lawrence's curriculum includes comprehensive (as in, not promoting suppression of knowledge and inflicting guilt and shame on kids) sexuality education.

As for "spending money on something other than educating students"; you are grossly over-simplifying what is involved in educating students. According to the CDC, only about 50% of teenage mothers complete a high school diploma; compared to about 90% of female teens who do not give birth during high school. And, looking further into the future, the CDC also reports that the children of teenage mothers are more likely to struggle in school and eventually drop out than are those born to older mothers. Bottom line: access to condoms will lead to better educational outcomes for more kids for generations to come.

So put your own personal agenda (the suppression of all things sexual) aside and look at the bigger picture for once.

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