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City prepares to put $25 million police headquarters plan on November ballot

Derek "taxation is theft" Eastland, can we all accurately assume that you neither drive public roads nor partake of any goods that were brought to market on public roads? And that not one single thing you do depends on having an educated populace? And that the US Military has no bearing on your ability to live safe and free? And that you don't partake of running water and flush toilets? And that you wouldn't dial 911 if your house were on fire? Taxation isn't theft, it's civilization. Participating in civilization without paying taxes? THAT'S theft.

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Editorial: Gun grandstanding

Nice to see an LJW editorial make sense for a change. Near as I can tell, the right-wing whackadoodles love to cry "Constitution" at every turn; but they seem to think the document contains nothing beyond freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. (And they think freedom of religion means nobody else can live a life incongruent with their beliefs, but I digress...). Maybe if these yahoos would actually READ the US Constitution, they would understand how our government is designed to function and then stop wasting all our time and money with childish attempts to put themselves above the law.

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Man with legal concealed gun had to leave Salina theater

I always find it amusing in cases like this when self-proclaimed constitutional scholars cry foul -ranting about how somebody's rights have been trampled. The Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments place restrictions on the government. Last I checked, a movie theater isn't the government.

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Teen struck by car while saving a turtle in the road has always put animals first

Saved this snapper from Kaw River bridge traffic earlier this week. It's been relocated to a safe place, and named.... "Sadie".

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Lawmakers allow concealed carry in Statehouse

Perhaps all teachers should simultaneously apply for CC permits...just to watch Merrick's head explode. Then, see how fast the legislative whackadoodles tweak the law to exclude teachers from any & all rights to carry weapons.

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Judges reviewing new Kansas school funding law

My prediction: this piece of the case will be dismissed, because in meets - on paper - the court ruling. Then, the state will never actually send the money. They'll plead poverty, probably while handing out more tax cuts to businesses and billionaires.

I base this prediction on recent history.

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KNEA announces plans to file lawsuit over teacher tenure

You're wrong, Sam Crow. The law (KSA 72-5436 through 5447) does NOT call it "tenure." It does, however, contain multiple references to "due process."

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KNEA announces plans to file lawsuit over teacher tenure

And let's not be fooled by Brownback's "local control" talking point, either. Remember last year, when he signed a bill REMOVING local control regarding payroll deductions, and his cronies pushed a bill that would have rendered ALL local contracts - the ones signed by locally-elected Boards - NULL and VOID. Yeah, Brownie is all about local control.....Not.

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KNEA announces plans to file lawsuit over teacher tenure

An oft overlooked fact about teacher due process is that Boards are not required to have such a hearing to fire a teacher. Bad teachers can be and are fired without due process hearings. However, if the teacher believes the action is unjust, they can request a hearing. The fact that hearings are relatively rare shows that the law was doing exactly what it was intended to do: preventing unjust firing of teachers.

Trabert's puppeteers don't give a rodent's rectum about kids or education. They oppose due process because lack of job security makes good people less willing to speak up, and therefore easier to exploit.

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Kansas teachers' union to challenge part of education law

Due process doesn't protect the bad folks, it protects the good ones. Or, maybe I'm wrong, and we should do away with that pesky "due process" nonsense in the US Constitution, too?

As for unions, well....there's that pesky Bill of Rights again; with its "freedom of assembly" and "freedom to petition the government" stuff. Just think how much better our schools would be if not for that pesky stuff....


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