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Gun found in backpack at Free State High School; student arrested

"Unlicensed persons may not sell, deliver or otherwise transfer a handgun or handgun ammunition to any person the transferor knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under age 18"


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Juveniles, teen arrested, charged with stealing assault-style guns from Eudora shop

Some gun control I could get behind:

Mandatory bars on glass doors/windows of gun stores (this place was WAY too easy to steal from).

Mandatory life in prison, no parole, for theft of firearms (because you know we're going to read about one or more of these guys getting arrested for the same crime five years from now, within weeks of their being released).

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As Lawrence students gear up for gun-control protests, adults pledge support in 'Wrap the Walkout' campaign

Interesting question, Joshua.

The school district (and countless others) have said they won't discipline students for skipping school for these walk-outs. So......would they discipline students for skipping school for a walkout in support of gun rights? Or how about a walk-out in opposition to compulsory schooling? Or a walk-out to honor the Confederate flag? Or for a Nazi march? On and on.....

If students were punished for those sorts of walk-outs, but not for this one, it would be clear that the punishment wasn't for walking out but rather for the content of their speech. And the district could get sued, and they would lose. I'm no lawyer, but this seems pretty clear cut to me.....

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Lawrence educators blast proposals for arming teachers as ludicrous and a distraction from the real issues

Fully automatic weapons have been illegal since 1986.

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Wichita State gun case shows loophole in concealed carry law

Darn pesky loophole, hiding itself under the pseudonym of "4th amendment". Just think how many drunk driving deaths we could prevent if police didn't need a reason to pull drivers over and check for sobriety.....

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Racial disparity in suspensions still plagues Lawrence school district

"And, if it is a racism problem then why, in terms of numbers, are far more whites being suspended?"

Because white students account for the great majority of students, that's why. Raw numbers like that mean nothing; but they sure are useful for people trying to hide their true feelings, right Brock?

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Racial disparity in suspensions still plagues Lawrence school district

You misread the data, Brock. There aren't over half of the white students being suspended. Rather, white students make up ~ half the suspensions, even though they account for 67% of the population. Meanwhile, Black students, who account for only 7% of the student population, make up almost 13% of the suspensions. Why make it a racial question? Because it IS a racial question. This isn't rocket science.

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Racial disparity in suspensions still plagues Lawrence school district

You're oversimplifying the issue, Brock. Maybe the suspensions are warranted....maybe not. But even if they are, there may be other systemic issues leading to one group engaging in a greater number of suspension-worthy offenses than others. Those issues may well be fixable. In any case, nobody knows unless somebody studies the issue.

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Lawrence school district para-educators seeking to unionize for better wages, recognition

Stacy, I don't know what school your child attends, but in Lawrence Public Schools (high schools), full-time teachers teach six classes per day and have one plan period. Any teacher who has only 3 or 4 would be part time, and would only receive part-time pay.

And yes, teachers want more money now than teachers got 30 years ago. You will find zero of them are ashamed of that fact.

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