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Kansas House, Senate pass teacher collective bargaining compromise

And the margin of yea/nay votes....I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by our KS house. Not just the right move - actually representing the people - but also a great lesson for those who seek to undermine democracy with their high-dollar corporate shills and backdoor bullying of legislators. Your phony astroturf organizations and their self-proclaimed "experts" are no match for We the People.

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City Commission candidate profile: Matthew Herbert

He doesn't whine about EVERYTHING, just about teachers being treated as professionals. Or as human beings.

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Editorial: Gutted gun law

Current law prohibits carrying a concealed firearm while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. I don't believe the new proposal would change that.

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Editorial: Gutted gun law

"without a permit system, no one — criminal or non-criminal — will have to register or meet any requirements to legally carry a concealed gun."

Somebody didn't read the bill. People who are committing or intending to commit a crime; or who are already prohibited from possessing firearms under state or federal law (convicted felons, illegal drug users, those subject to restraining orders, etc.,) could not legally carry a concealed firearm under this proposal.

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Kansas AG pays nearly $1.2M to defend anti-abortion laws

$1.2 million could have put a nice new grand piano in 25 more public schools. Just sayin'.

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KU, students answer lawsuit by business school teacher formerly employed by Koch

Arnie, if you don't see the cause it's because you don't want to.

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Letter: Children, guns

Lots of canned talking-point stats there. While technically "true", they are engineered to create false impressions.

Sure, gunshot may very well be a leading cause of death in US children these days - but that doesn't mean it has increased. I'd wager it's gone down over the last century. But, as we've all but eliminated infectious diseases that once killed so many kids...other causes of death take over the top spots.

The statement about more kids dying from gunshots in the US than we've lost soldiers abroad is likewise misleading. It's an obvious attempt to imply that our kids are in greater danger than our active soldiers.

How many soldiers have fought overseas compared to how many kids have lived here? I'd guess soldiers number in hundreds of thousands, while kids number hundreds of millions. Do that deaths comparison PER CAPITA, and you'll have a realistic comparison of relative danger. But,....realistic wasn't the goal here, I guess.

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Kansas governor announces cuts to public schools, higher ed

Well, there you have it folks. Brownback managed to comply with a direct order from the state supreme court for a grand total of 7 months.

The court said fund LOB and capital outlay equalization in full, as per the formula. Just because Brownback's regressive economic schemes have driven more families into poverty (thus increasing the amount of equalization aid required by law) doesn't give Brownback the authority to ignore a court order.

C'mon, Supreme Court. Time to sack up and hold this whackadoodle Koch puppet accountable.

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Competing bills would alter collective bargaining for teachers

Andy, you and your anti-public-school ilk push the fundamental misconception that the purpose of public education is to beat other countries on standardized tests in reading, math, and science.

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Kansas legislators approve plan for closing budget shortfall

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a standing court order to increase (not cut) public school funding. The state asked for clarification...but didn't file an appeal to the SC? Maybe there was an appeal and I just missed it...

With no appeal, the ruling stands..., yes?

So if...when, really..., Brownback signs this cut into law (and let's not forget the KPERS cut, since Brownback says KPERS counts as school funding); can we expect the whole lot of 'em to be held in contempt of court?

Not rhetorical here....any law folks please chime in.

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