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Missouri Democrat proposes gun ban for domestic abusers

Seems redundant.https://www.atf.gov/firearms/identify-prohibited-persons

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Controversial Kansas sex-ed poster lives on as lawmakers debate prosecuting teachers

They can have my curricular materials when they pry them from my cold dead hands.

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Letter: Free speech

Yes, folks can fly the Nazi flag or wear the KKK outfits if they so choose. That's the way rights work: they apply to Jerks as well as non-Jerks.

Personally, I find the crucifix rather offensive to rational thought, science, equal rights, a genocide-free mindset, basic human dignity, and a host of other good things. Do I think other folks should be banned from displaying it? Of course not.

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Letter: Free speech

Free State, as a public school, is a branch of government. As such, it cannot do any of those things that "Congress" is prohibited from doing. Hence, courts have ruled that public schools cannot restrict free speech simply on the basis of the content of the speech. They can only, as they have done here, take what action is needed to maintain a safe and productive learning environment.

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Letter: Free speech

Actually, the district does NOT have a responsibility to control the message (expressed by STUDENTS). In fact, they are prohibited from restricting speech on the basis of the message itself.

But, the district DOES have a responsibility to maintain safe and orderly operation of the school. This flag has flown off and on again for several years; when it wasn't causing a disruption it was allowed (as per the law). I suspect that perhaps there was concern about impending violence or other such activity if the flag were allowed at this time.

Interestingly, the flag truck also had (and still has now) a large US flag on display. Which begs two questions: 1) does this young man realize that those two entities were at war, one having declared a treasonous uprising against the other? And 2) I wonder what the Native American students think about Old Glory :)

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Kansas senators consider firearms nondiscrimination act

Actually, it's already illegal to buy guns out of state. They must be transferred to a dealer in your state of residence. Thanks, Uncle Sam, for that expensive inconvenience which accomplishes nothing but expense and inconvenience.

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Free State High School student told Confederate flag not allowed at school

It's worth noting that schools cannot restrict free speech simply because someone doesn't like the content of the speech. Hence, the fact that this kid and others were able to fly the Confederate flag many times for the past several years. However, when things turn such that student expression becomes disruptive or can reasonably be foreseen as leading to future safety hazards, then schools can limit such expression. That is what has happened here.

That being said, it seems this kid got exactly what he wanted: attention.

Oh, and it also seems he missed the memo about the Confederacy and their change of flag back in 1865. The flag is now plain white.

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Statistician's lawyer: Kansas votes audit is vital because each one counts

"Defense attorney Michael North argued in his filing that the county is prohibited from releasing the voting machine tapes because they are not subject to open records laws."

Really? Since when do open records laws say an agency CANNOT release certain information? Just because the law doesn't say you must, doesn't mean you can't.....if you choose to.

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Amendment would establish hunting, fishing right in Kansas

Hmm. I can't help but wonder what this is really about.....

Given the number of folks in state government right now who believe it is their job to defund and destroy state government.....how might this play out? Well, if hunting is a constitutional right, then it follows than any and all licenses, tags, duck stamps, etc., are in effect "poll taxes." So, we would have to do away with any and all fees/licensing/regulation of hunting and fishing. This would destroy the department of wildlife & parks, which is largely funded by such fees. And there would be no need for KDWP law enforcement in the state budget. Nor wildlife biologists.

Yep. It's all about shrinking government down to a size small enough to drown in a bath tub.

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Lawrence man sentenced to probation in September shooting of 16-year-old boy

Seems like mere probation is asinine for shooting someone. Actually, seems like the charge is lacking teeth as well. Point a gun at someone and pull the trigger? Sounds like attempted murder to me. Maybe poor marksmanship pays if you're a criminal.

No matter. Sooner or later, he won't miss. Then, the folks who like these wimpy prosecutions will try to solve the "gun problem" by banning some kind of scary-looking rifle that wasn't used in the crime.

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