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KU athletic director's new chief of staff will make $90,000

Lew is getting a 1.3 million buck bonus for "longevity" in addition to an overpaid secretary???? And meanwhile....faculty searches at KU are all cancelled. This is truly a sign of a culture in decline.

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Last lawsuit?

"Lawrence's own "bridge to nowhere" at the south end of Iowa Street is a monument to how a highway project can split a community. How much longer does Lawrence want to be the laughingstock of the state relative to the almost criminal and costly delay of this road, which would traverse what used to be poor scrub farmland?"Lawrence has the chance to be the exact opposite of a laughingstock for not completing this poorly envisioned and poorly rationalized road. The only argument in favor of completing it is convenience for commuters. Wetlands provide value to a community that no road can provide, especially when there are other options for building that road (i.e. south of the river). The word criminal should be reserved for those who adamantly insist that human expedience is more important than preserving nature. And doesn't anybody else see the city's attempts to reduce turnoffs on 23rd St. as a cynical attempt to con residents into thinking the SLT will have reduced congestion on 23rd St.? The timing of the 23rd St. project is suspicious at best.

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Group plans lawsuit against government to stop SLT

Anon-Being anonymous while poking fun at anybody is just a way of being a coward. If you believe what you're saying here, be a man (or woman) and put your name to it.

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Group plans lawsuit against government to stop SLT

Anonymous #2. If you look at my post, I said nothing about sacredness. Just made a point. Be careful what you insinuate from what people say. And why are all of you people afraid to use your names?

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Group plans lawsuit against government to stop SLT

Well, Anonymous, why stop there? Lot's hope the big bang soon reverses and leads to a big crunch, so we can start everything all over again.

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Group plans lawsuit against government to stop SLT

Somebody always has to bring up the "it used to be farmland so it's not a real wetlands" as a reason for plowing a road through it. Before it was farmland it was wetlands and there was a heck of a lot more of it.

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Healthy lawn's reputation unfair

Pathetic excuse for covering our landscape with totally unnatural ground cover. Native grasses would do the job just as well with less water and no mowing.

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Siren policy

I can only imagine the complaints when the sirens start going off everytime there is a tornado warning in Lawrence, or as some would wish, a strong wind. As a chronic insomniac, I'll be among those complaining. Whey can't people let experts make decisions that should be made by experts?

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Sebelius likely will reject newest coal plants proposal

Wow. This is some really thoughtful debate going on here. I'm guessing this is pretty much how the Kansas House sounds when debating issues. Idiots suddenly become experts just because they don't like what's going on.

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House fails to override veto of coal-fired plants

Kudos to the governor for not bending to the pressure exerted by industry and their republican enablers! I guess I should qualify this remark.....for the most part Kansas democrats are not much different from their republican counterparts in the Kansas State House or in Congress.

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