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Schlingensiepen criticizes Jenkins for taking money from banks and voting against regulations

Actually you have that wrong. Lawrence is the embarrassment to the 2nd district but someone has to take you jackwagons. Don't worry Lynn will shoulder that burden for another term.

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US ambassador killed in consulate attack in Libya

We should send the apologist-in-chief over there so that he can bow before them...

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Statehouse Live: State Insurance Commissioner Praeger urges establishment of `essential health benefits'

If Obama wins the election then health insurance will be the very least of our worries. I dare say that our country will not last another 4 years under his leadership. That is his mission in life.

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First lady says Obama ‘a man we can trust’

A face that only a mother could love. BARF.

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Romney makes case for jobs, lots of jobs

I just want a president that does not bow to leaders of other countries...

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Kobach likens same-sex unions to drug abuse

I would say that this is a new low for Rothschild but we all know that it isn't.

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Suspect arrested on firearms charge

A felon with 2 outstanding warrants vs. a long time Chief of Police with a medical condition. Nice comparison there Einsteins.

August 23, 2012 at 8:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Out of touch

Mitt Romney paid over $6 million in federal taxes alone and millions more were given to charity over the last two years. Exactly how much more do you people think would be his "fair share" ?

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