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New TV provider would pay higher fees

Some quick math....

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New TV provider would pay higher fees

Has anyone here used the 30 min. of free service? If so, how's it work?

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New TV provider would pay higher fees


You may also remember, when the Freenet Kids proposal was before the City Commission that it was stated that funding was already secured, but that the lender had stated they could get a better rate with the City's co-signature on the loan. It was also mentioned that the Freenet Kids project was going to happen regardless of the City's co-signature. These statements were referenced when the Commissioners voted no. However, it seems that the Freenet Kids proposal died with the City's decline to co-sign.

Remember: Smoke & Mirrors.

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New TV provider would pay higher fees

Well, the letter Joshua Montgomery sent to the commissioners yesterday proposing they pay 5% of their broadband revenue to the city is full of smoke. It's from Joshua Montgomery, President of Community Wireless Communications, but it's very vague as to who would be paying that 5% fee. He mentions Freenet's board is ok with this. I guess there are a few questions, if CWC is paying the fee, why get Freenet's approval. If Freenet is paying the fee why is CWC presenting it to the city?

Ultimately it sounds to me like CWC is volunteering to pay 5% of their broadband revenue to the city in exchange for the user of light poles, towers, right of way, etc... This may seem all fine and good, but let me ask this question... Who in this town buys broadband internet from Community Wireless Communications? Anyone?

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New TV provider would pay higher fees

Smoke and Mirrors...

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Weird weather rare, but not impossible

“Weird weather rare, but not impossible”Nothing like stating the obvious.

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City engineers get green light on signal management system

--QUOTE--For the record:.the fiber that the city (or whoever) is going to lay is a different kind of fiber than the kind that freenet proposed laying.--QUOTE--Check the proposal again, Freenet was going to lay fiber that the city could use for this very project. Seems to me it would be the same type of fiber.

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Douglas County tornado damages buildings

They went off in West Lawrence near 6th and Monterey

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World Company book recounts dream season

Wow...I'm surprised there isn't an order form right here on the page. Is this news or an advertisement?

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Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure done?

Wouldn't a haircut, shaving, trimming fingernails, toenails, manicures, pedicures, etc... all be considered a "Cosmetic Proceedure"?

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