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KU's Big Event getting bigger: Thousands turn out to volunteer for one-day, citywide effort

I can't say enough about how wonderful this program is! We had 3 willing workers that trimmed trees and washed outside windows. Great young adults with wonderful attitudes - what fun to get to meet them and share part of a Saturday with them.

Thanks to the organizers - what a successful project you led!

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Judge overrules municipal court finding that Lawrence sidewalk ordinance is unconstitutionally vague

Please get Mr. Gilmore some Mental Health Treatment. I have a hard time believing that he is not a danger to himself with his current lifestyle. I understand that Lawrence is a liberal area, but this man could be so much healthier with medication and care.

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Blind Pianist prepares for Music Academy

My heart is with you Luther. You are obviously an amazing young man.

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Have you ever used prescription pain medication?

I used them after surgery then got off them as fast as I could. Your article describes to perfection the road my son travelled into his addiction to pain medicine. He died this Spring from an overdose.

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Lawrence school board planning for bond issue

I just don't understand why schools don't budget upkeep, maintenance, and energy efficiencies into their main budgets. I certainly have to at my home.

I also think that any grants, endowments, etc to universities should have to include upkeep in the funding. For example: A huge endowment now only bequests the building - the taxpayers are then charged with upkeep and maintenance of said building.

Changing this practice would give taxpayers a true picture of costs and eliminate some of the gross excess of spending so money can go to items that really boost education rather than support huge buildings, tracks, sports arenas, etc.

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One benefit of KU's loss to Kentucky: Brownback delivering burgers to Lawrence Community Shelter

I just hope he delivers the burgers in person and takes time to listen to some of the stories from clients. He needs an eye opener - especially since he wants to balance the KS budget on the backs of those in need rather than those in greed.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

I agree, we should have been notified if this was planned maintenance. Less than impressed with Knology service for sure!

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Response to nickel mystery called ‘absolutely incredible’

A heartwarming story with a happy ending (or beginning). Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

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Go Green: Kitchen invaders part of the family

I think the ad at the bottom of the page says it all - Bayer Ant Killer. I'm sorry, but what you describe is gross. Send the ants outside - there is plenty of room there. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow them in your kitchen.

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

Awesome !!!!! fits :) Rock Chalk !!!!!!!!

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