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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

Here are my thoughts on concealed carry:

1) Like I said above, people don't think rationally when they're in situations where tempers flair, but if they're unarmed, usually the most that's going to happen is someone might get beat down. But nobody dies. But if you give those people guns, things can easily happen and someone might end up shooting and killing someone even though they would never think of killing someone under normal circumstances.

2) After the Virginia Tech shootings there were studies done where they staged mock school shootings with paintball guns. They took people, put them through the training required to get a concealed carry permit, then put them in a classroom setting with a firearm that shoots paintballs and had someone come in and start firing and they found that when people are in these stressful situations with they're adrenaline pumping, a vast majority of people could barely even get their guns out of their holsters before they were shot, much less draw, fire, and kill before they got shot. So being allowed to carry a concealed weapon is really just a security blanket. You might feel comforted and safer, but it doesn't do any practical good most of the time.

3) Imagine you are allowed to carry firearms, and you're in your dorm and you start hearing gunfire over and over. People are screaming and running and it's a mass panic. Chaos. You pull your firearm and begin heading for the exit when you see a kid round the corner with a gun. Boom, you fire and kill the kid. You're a hero. Except at that very moment a cop comes around the corner behind you and sees you, in civilian clothing, gun down another kid. He thinks you're the shooter so he pumps a couple rounds into your back. Oh, and it turns out that the kid you just gunned down was just some other innocent kid that also had a concealed carry permit. Now you're a paraplegic and you murdered an innocent kid. It's called friendly fire and it happens with even the most highly trained military and law enforcement officials in chaotic situations. Most people just do not have the training to know how to handle situations like this. And allowing concealed carry saddles cops with the burden of trying to figure out who is a threat and who is just trying to protect themselves.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

I think this is a good example of why concealed carry on campus is a bad idea. These kids got in an argument, tempers flared, and someone went for their gun. When you don't allow guns on campus, as KU currently does not, then the only real threats are the emotionally disturbed kids that come to campus with the INTENT to kill, and unfortunately there isn't really any way to safeguard from those kids. But if you allow concealed carry, you not only have to worry about shootings from those that come to campus with the intent to kill, but you also have to worry about kids that get their concealed carry license, come to campus without any intent to kill but get in an argument and then lose their tempers and start shooting in the heat of the moment.

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