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Kansas Court of Appeals rules Martin Miller should get new murder trial

Even a blind squirrel like Kunen finds a nut every now and then. It doesn't mean she's the best appellate attorney in Kansas. Clearly you've never watched her argue.

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Kansas Supreme Court says local judge erred when sentencing man for indecent liberties with a child

It isn't about liberals, corrupt judges, unethical prosecutors, or dirty cops, it is about a field of practice that is always evolving. Jury trials are not scripted, things happen all the time that the parties don't anticipate. The only guidance the parties have is caselaw (published cases by the appellate courts saying what to do in a particular circumstance). But since every case is so fact specific, there are times when the caselaw doesn't help. The parties make a decision at the local level, and the appellate courts end up saying if they did it right or not. That is the process we have. Sure it is frustrating when a case gets reversed for an error, but that doesn't mean the people were stupid, it likely means there wasn't guidance on the issue at the time they faced it. So unless you're going to go to law school and make a difference, stop being an armchair lawyer.

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Judge gives 26-year-old Lawrance man jail time, probation for having sex with teenage girl

Because cheeseburger, she is a true believer, meaning that her background is strickly defense oriented.

"So I found that you harmed this 14 year old, and now I'm gonna hammer you with 57 days in the Douglas County Jail!" WOOOOHOOOOO. What a joke.

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AG says cost no reason to abolish death penalty

Atta boy Marion, you're researching. But I have that report in front of me as well. I would point you to page 32-33 which talks about the methodology of the audit.

The flaw in this audit was that they included the salaries of ALL law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, etc that were involved in the case.

The problem with this methodology is that all those people are salaried. A judge is paid regardless of whether he is sitting on the bench or in chambers. A prosecutor or public defender gets paid the same whether they are trying a case or not.

Furthermore, the early death penalty cases costs were extremely high b/c no prosecutor had done one, so they had to go to training. The defense bills were enormous b/c they were given private attorneys that racked up huge bills.

Suffice it to say the process has been streamlined in the State, and these numbers are simply wrong today.

So while the numbers from the 2003 study say the death penalty costs more, their flawed methodology led them to that conclusion.

But hey, if you want to use a poorly conducted 2003 Audit and put a price on the justice system, best of luck.

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AG says cost no reason to abolish death penalty

Really Marion? Care to share where you got the numbers for it costing less, or is this simply your speculation?

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State board pursuing ethics complaint against Kline, associates

Another interesting note is that Caleb Stegall is the new Jefferson County Attorney, and Rucker is one of his assistants.

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Meet Baby Mangino: Wichita infant now famous KU fan

Now HOOTS gets famous for such an idiotic posting. Brainless for sure. Yeah Hoots, the kids fat b/c what 8 month old doesn't eat cheeseburgers? IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and at 5:57 AM, you were so proud of your posting, so proud….puke…puke…puke…

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Executive director of Kansas Republican Party resigns

That guy was a tool.

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Farmers may wind up paying for gas produced by their cows

Jesse Fray - this is a crappy article, no pun intended. Why not actually put some work into your article and speak with both the Farm Bureau and the EPA to understand why they are making the argument instead of gleaning your info from the headline of a press release. Quite wasting space with bullcrap articles and actually educate the reader with your content.

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Police looking for suspect in early-morning armed robbery

Seriously, we've got some criminal profilers right here in Lawrence, you all should go to work for law enforcement. I think he's full of sh@@ because his eyes were brown.

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